Thursday, July 22, 2010

our table-top cactus garden

We’ve had this planter for a couple years now. The plant that was in it never really took off, and I think that’s why I never really cared much for the planter. What a difference the right plant (or plants) can make! Sedum cuttings from the garden and a few $2 succulents from the orange big box store...
A set of 3 little cacti from IKEA…and wow!
We’ve got ourselves a pretty sweet little table top cactus garden.
But evidently my husband felt something was missing.
Because now we’ve got creatures in our garden. Meet Australopithecus boisei…
And Diatryma...


  1. Hi I just found you! I'm a new follower! Love the centerpiece and the creatures that live there! Looks like you love succulents as much as I do!

    talk to ya later!

  2. that cactus garden is really power packed. there is a lot in a little bit of space. it is great.

  3. I love it! The gorilla dude takes it to the next level of awesomeness.

  4. How perfect for a tabletop where you can admire the little details. Just don't lean into the cactus when you're reaching for the salt and pepper . . . maybe I should put one of those on my table to encourage better manners at dinnertime!

  5. Splendid! Perhaps your next cactus container could feature The Missing Link ?

  6. How cute...great combination.

  7. Small compositions like this one can be so rewarding in their detail. With the addition of your prehistoric friends, you never know what may happen overnight!

  8. Candy, thank you for stopping by!

    BWM, "power packed"...I like it.

    Megan, he certainly does amp things up a bit.

    VW, ouch! Excellent point.

    Evelyn, thank you.

    ks, uhm...

    Darla, thank you.

    MulchMaid, omg...good point. I should find (or make) a small nest and get a few tiny eggs. I wonder how long it would take the husband to notice?

  9. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    A husband and a sense of humor, a great combination!!!

  10. I need to make a mental note, a tabletop succulent garden could make a really nice hostess gift when you need one. Who wouldn't want such a cool garden?


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