Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reason #397 why I love summer: dinner tastes better with fresh herbs

Take rosemary for instance…You’re cooking up some potatoes, and think “wouldn’t these taste even better with fresh rosemary?”…why yes they would! So you saunter out to the garden and cut a couple of sprigs. Maybe grab a little sage while you’re at it…
And when you decide to use your potatoes in a Mexi-scramble, well then you can go cut some cilantro too!
Absolutely nothing says summer for me like the smell of basil (notice I’ve already been pinching off a few leaves)…
Maybe I’ll eventually have a tomato or two to eat with the basil (if I’m lucky and the weather improves…sun! We need more sun!).
And in the (surprisingly frequent) event that a mojito party breaks out on the patio…no problem! Fresh mint is close at hand!
Summer is the best.


  1. You are SO right. My herbs are my favorite part of my edible garden.

  2. and summer has finally arrived ...I hope

  3. :) Agree - fresh from the garden.

  4. mmmm.... time to put those herb snippers I got to good use... :)

  5. Greensparrow, glad you agree.

    Linda, me too...2 days in a row of sunshine is looking pretty promising!

    Evelyn, yes'm.

    Mary, fancy!

  6. Oh now that it's nice I should plant a bunch of basil. In the neighbor's garden of course. All my edibles in my own garden aren't doing much of anything.

  7. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    Hi Loree, Yep. I agree. Those potatoes look delicious! All your herbs look wonderful. I have to say that your rosemary looks a lot better than my winter-worn-torn specimen.

    Summer rocks!!


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