Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bog or Pond?

I’ve never seen the Gunnera bog tank this full of water, even in the wet winter months.
Same for the Papyrus.
Have I mentioned its wet here?


  1. Today is a welcome respite from the rain. But will the dry weather continue? Somehow, I doubt it...

  2. Oh, if only those Gunnera leaves would stay that size....

  3. Either/or, they look happy. Amazing all the rain you're getting. The hottest, most blistering day I spent last summer was in Portland, touring some of your fine gardens and Cistus, where I nearly fainted from the heat!

  4. MuchMaid, you called it!

    Grace, no! I would be very disappointed if they did. I want them to grow HUGE!

    Denise, we reserve the really extreme weather days for visitors from California.

  5. I was curious to know if I could use the papyrus image in a website that i am making.

    That is if you own the copyright to the image.

    please let me know!

    thank you


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