Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloomday, June 2010

Last Friday I shared images of most the things blooming here in the danger garden (color! – click for a link to that post), so I thought instead of repeating images I’d share time-lapse-ish photography of our Magnolia macrophylla, and its single huge bloom, for June’s bloomday. However after a few sunny days several more blooms have come out of hiding. So first I’ll bore you with the Magnolia, and then share a few other blooms. Starting on June 2nd…
And ending on June 11th…(I know...bloomday is the 15th, I cheated!)
Moving on…this is the first year my Lavender has bloomed…
Echinops 'Arctic Glow'
I love these small little blooms on a Sempervivum. Usually they send up tall spikes that bloom but this one stayed very close to the ground.
More ground cover blooms, Creeping jenny…
Sedum spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco'…
My husband mentioned he didn’t know Hostas bloomed, and would sure like to be able to see one of them bloom this year. So far I’ve refrained from cutting these blooms. We’ll see how much longer this lasts. They don’t annoy me quite so much in this stage, once they burst open all bets are off!
Kangaroo Paws…
The Plume poppy and green Nicotiana are about ready to open.
Sambucus black lace…
And more flowers continue to open on the new Aztec Arrowhead in our stock tank pond.
For more images of things blooming around the world this 15th of June click on over to May Dreams Gardens and peruse the line up!


  1. Your sempervivum flowers are crazy! I love them. Matti hates hosta flowers too :) Back in Wisconsin he'd chop them all off.

  2. Happy Bloom Day!
    I can't believe your Kangaroo Paws are already blooming -- it looks like summer already in your garden!
    Thanks for the post,

  3. Definitely let the hosta bloom, at least one season. My favorite garden fragrance comes from a hosta, it's light and sweet and doesn't overpower and make me gack (I'm looking at you, lilies - pee-yew!)

    And they have lovely blooms. Just subtle and unnapreciated.

  4. I love the bloom day tour because it always showcases things that are so ENTIRELY TOTALLY different than what I have. I get to tour gardens around the country.

    The sedum is awesome. Also, love the echinops!

  5. What drama from that bigleaf magnolia. It all looks so fresh. The Aztec Arrowhead is very cool. I so need a water garden after seeing you set up yours, but where to put it...

  6. That magnolia flower is just so elegant and perfect. I really need to get me some kangaroo paws!

  7. wow, fabulous, giant.. what ever that white flower was at the top!

  8. The Echinops is cool! I also liked the time lapse. Neat idea. It really makes you appreciate how quickly those blooms come and go.

  9. AnonymousJune 16, 2010

    Yes, it is true...I would chop all of them. I did like the giant elephant ear type hostas though.

  10. Oh, if only hosta blooms actually looked like that, we would all be clamoring for them.
    The wonders of photography.

  11. Megan, I am trying really really hard to just leave the Hosta flowers alone, but its so wrong! I've got a few other Sempervivum that are working up to a bloom spike soon...I can't wait!

    Elizabeth, I kind of cheated on the Kangaroo paws...they are annuals here and I bought them already blooming. Can you forgive me?

    Jenn, I do agree about the fragrance. And some blooms are better than others...the really ugly ones will go right away.

    Katie, thank you for stopping by!

    Denise, you can go small with the water garden, I should show my other one...its about 4" x 2"...

    Nicole, the Kangaroo paws would be perennials for you right? What are you waiting for!

    Dirty Girl, thanks! Next year there will be 12 of them dammit!

    Laura, unlike last year the Echinops is taking off! Its making me question my placement...

    faroutflora (Matti), I admire your attitude! Who needs lame flowers when you've got those leaves!

    ricki, I do understand your sentiment but I didn't do anything to alter the photos. That is what they look like, right now! Now if they stayed looking like that I would love them...it's what comes next that disappoints.

  12. I love your Sempervivum and the flowers are especially nice so close to the plant.

    I think it is funny that hosta flowers annoy you :) I can see how they would, as some look rather unkempt and what's-the-pointish, but some hosta flowers are really beautiful (my Dream Queen has some especially nice blooms). But the not so nice ones I cut quickly just like with some of heuchera.


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