Friday, May 14, 2010

A very exciting little leaf

I spotted this yesterday… Right there in the middle, a teeny tiny little Tetrapnanx leaf, less than an inch. But so very exciting! The beginnings of the stock tank Tetrapanax forest I’ve been pining for!

I’m praying it will grow up to be another one of these…(something I can stand under)...
Now for those other little weedy seedlings around it. I’ve been hoping they are small seedlings from last year’s Nicotiana that I let seed around…any experts out there that can positively identify them? Or are they just weeds that I should pull?


  1. Now ,that is exiting! I haven't noticed anything yet around mine...
    Sorry, I'm terrible at recognizing seedlings . which is why I end up leaving too many to grow on...

  2. I'd say the seedling at 1:00 o'clock of the tetrapanax is a nicotiana. Very exciting!

  3. AnonymousMay 14, 2010

    Hi Loree~~ That is the absolute cutest little baby leaf ever! I concur with Denise. Looks like a Nicotiana at one o'clock. Maybe at 5 too! Wouldn't hurt to get a bit of slug bait out there.

    I thought of you today. While at Garland, I found a plant completely new to me: Berkheya purpurea 'Zulu Warrior.' A thistle-like rosette with dahlia type flowers at 2ft. The tag said Zone 6 but of course when I got home I Googled it and discovered Zone 8. Darn. I told myself I was not going to purchase any more marginally hardy plants. Ignorance was bliss. :)

  4. All great trees start from a tiny seed. Congratulations on the new arrival. A little forest with these cool leaves overhead should be a great effect!

  5. linda, and it's growing so fast! Already an inch taller...

    Denise, thank you for the id!

    Grace, the great thing is the slugs rarely make it up inside the stock tanks! As opposed to the rest of the garden where they are reeking havoc. Don't you just hate it when the tags lie? Or 'round up'? SO wrong!!!

    James, thanks! I cant wait!

  6. Have we already talked about how root damage seems to encourage tetrapanax to spread? A gardener I know was telling me that he knows someone who intentionally does a drastic soil raking job on her tetrapanax roots. I'm scared to try that, but curious.


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