Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A field of clovers

The other night my husband brought me a flower. I was making dinner, and upon returning home from walking our dog he presented me with a lovely crimson blossom. It was clover.There is an empty field not far from our home, usually the city keeps it well mowed (it’s attached to a city park). Mowing doesn’t seem to be in the budget this year, and the clover is taking over. I love it. There is pink clover…
Plain old white clover…
A fancy petite white clover…
Lavender clover…
And the crimson clover, which is my favorite.
(Are you hearing the Joan Jett remake of Crimson and Clover (over and over) right now in your head? I am, I adore Joan Jett).
I picked a handful and brought them home.


  1. That crimson clover is gorgeous! I wonder if the clovers are left over from some earlier years of wildflower seeding the city did. It sure is thriving!

  2. I have to agree with you! Clover is one of the best looking "weeds" out there. I love how lush and rich they look in large amounts, so its good that mowing isn't in the budget this year.

  3. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    I'm going to email you my photos of crimson clover taken a few weeks ago at the top of the ridge before descending into Dancing Oaks territory. I'm with you. I love the stuff.

    Kudos to thoughtful hubby!!

  4. That unmown field is bee heaven. It'd be neat if the city allowed bee boxes. There's a crimsony clover plant called hedysarum that I love but it gets big. (And Joan Jett is pretty cool. I have to admit I did see The Runaways movie.)

  5. Thats a beautiful colour. We mostly get the purple variety here. Which I have an abundance of in my back grass. I don't remove it, but it does get buzzed every so often.

  6. The "neglected" field looks great. To think people spend hours getting rid of clover in lawns just because it's not the single plant species they planted for grass.

  7. MulchMaid, I am so glad you agree! The empty lot used to be a school campus. The school was torn down a couple of years ago. I doubt the grounds were wildflower seeded but I suppose anything is possible!

    Rainforest Gardener, you are so right.."lush and rich they look in large amounts"...the quantity certainly makes a big difference.

    Grace, your pictures were fabu! Makes me even more excited to take a trek to Dancing Oaks.

    Denise, yep...there were bees everywhere! You know I think the city might. I have seen them around town. Glad you understand about Ms Jett.

    Laura, we've got the plain white in our little patch of lawn. I try to love it, but it's harder there.

    James, my issue with it in my lawn is that it's busy. Not the solid see of green to est the eye but a busy bunch of white dots that compete for attention with my plants.

  8. I planted some of the crimson clover as a cover crop once, but could not bear to plow it under as advised, so there went my vegetable plot. It petered out over time, but was glorious while it lasted.

  9. I must be older than you, as I was hearing the original version of the song.

  10. That crimsom clover is beautiful!


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