Monday, May 10, 2010

Cross it off my lust list!

How many times have you read about my lusting for a Euphorbia rigida? Too many! But no more! Why? Because now I own one…And not just a baby plant but a big mature plant that has bloomed…
...and will be giving up seeds which will produce even more of this fabulous, and hard to find, plant.
I was soooooo close to ordering one online when out of the blue I got an email from Kat, a danger garden reader and owner of a fabulous (huge) Euphorbia rigida. Hers had produced offspring and she was offering one to me!

Aren’t gardeners the most wonderful people? Seriously. Except for that brief interaction at the HPSO sale (and I still think that “lady” wasn’t really a gardener) plant people are the most generous people.

Kat’s plant was purchased at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, one of my favorite places, and moved to the Portland area with her. That just makes it all the more special for me.

Thank you Kat! I think I’ve figured out where this treasured addition to the danger garden will live…and it was great to meet you!


  1. I love a plant with a story! Gardeners are wonderful people. I think it's because they are inclined to nurture. It must feel great to cross it off your list.

  2. Looking at this I realize that I have one of these. A fellow gardener in Phoenix gave me a huge bunch of seedlings, which I planted enmass in a big container, only to have all but one die. I think there is a lesson there. Also, this is not a euphorb that you can take easy cuttings from, which may explain that rarity.

  3. This looks similar to the donkey tail spurge I have - but much bigger!
    What a wonderful gift - isn't blogging great?

  4. I remember the lovely gift of a baby Agave Americana courtesy of the danger garden. You know what they say: what goes around comes around. How nice it's a great plant coming back around to you!

  5. What a wicked looking plant! I didn't even realize that anything like that existed. I'll have to make a contribution too at some point...

  6. I had a certain perhaps unfounded fear that the thrill of gardening would wear off when the garden became more mature. What if the plant shopping is the fun part, and once you've filled up the empty space, there's no more excitement? I think though, in reality, when your garden gets mature enough that you have baby plants to spare, it's a whole new sport, and one you can share with fellow gardeners. Very reassuring.

  7. Yes, as I know you are generous on your side too, so it is all karmically balanced! That is one cool euphorbia. Can't wait to see it in its new home! Gardeners are the best.

  8. I can't believe this plant is so hard to find in Portland, when it's ubiquitous here in Austin. Of course, we can't find any of the other wonderful euphorbias that you often show on your blog.

  9. Ah, the satisfaction of getting that long-wanted plant! Congrats. I'm hoping for a Berry Smoothie heuchera this season - probably not on your want list, not enough sharp edges, but the pink color is calling to me!

  10. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    Hats off to Kat! And look at all those potential babies. Plants given to us by friends are the best!

  11. Laura, it does feel good...and I think you are on to something about the "nurture" angle.

    Jenn, at least one lived!

    Sylvana, I have that one too, the donkey tail (E. myrsinites)...the difference between the 2 is that the donkey tail lays down and this one (also called gopher spurge) stands up! Funny huh?

    MulchMaid, (thanks!) I keep meaning to ask how that agave is doing...if it made it through last winter. But I didn't want be nosey either...

    Rainforest, wicked! I love it! Contribution huh!? Sounds intriguing!

    Megan, well put! I do like the shopping part...but would prefer to hunt a couple really amazing plants than to have to replace dozens (as the last 2 winters have caused me to do).

    Karen, you are kind to say so!

    Pam, isn't it odd? Of course as you will see on Wednesdays post the world works in weird ways...

    VW, Here's hoping your Berry Smoothie finds you!

    Grace, agreed!


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