Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colorful harvest

I am not sure if the correct description of the task completed is harvesting or thinning. Whatever it is we are enjoying a small yet colorful bounty of delicious little carrots.

I love the beautiful colors! Could make eating your veggies fun for those little veggie haters out there.


  1. How are your tomatoes doing? Post pictures! :)

  2. The purple ones are my favorite but I wonder if I'd have purple teeth after a few bites.

  3. Just so wonderful to see those carrots just dug out from the ground... fresh and crisp? I like to make carrot soup.... very sweet :-)

  4. I love multi-colored carrots but never got around to planting them this year, boo hiss. The purple ones are a bit less sweet, as I recall, but the paler shades are muy tasty. Congrats! And I second the tomato photo request, especially the more, um, anotomical ones. Hee hee.

  5. If I had carrots like that, I doubt they'd even make it to the cooker: I'd enjoy them raw, with the tops on, like a cosmopolitan Bugs Bunny.

  6. D& tomatoes are just fine thank you :)

    Grace, I thought so too, and in fact they looked like they would make a great dye, but no such luck.

    Stephanie, they were very fresh and crisp! Perfect.

    Karen, this is my first time planting them and you are right the purple were a little less sweet, but still very good.

    Helen, exactly! Washing the soil off was the only prep needed.


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