Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sidewalk grill garden

As someone who appreciates pattern I suppose it is no accident that this image caught my eye. It looks like a landscape seen from the sky. You don’t see it? Squint your eyes…still don’t see it? Have a glass of wine and squint again (haha).

Just a little further down the street you see these ‘mountains’ erupting from the flat lands.


  1. Ha ha... make sure you don't bump into the mountain ;-D Yes! those tiny pebbles and plants in-between the grills do form some pattern looking like landscape from the sky.

  2. Funny. Yes, I see it. Also it looks like traffic on a ridiculously multi-lane freeway.

  3. Glad you guys could see it and I wasn't the only one. Megan you are so right about the multi-lane freeway! Uck.


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