Friday, May 15, 2009

It's bloomday – May 15

It’s that time again…what’s blooming in my garden?

The Euphorbia from last bloomday are all still at it, can you believe it? Over a month and still looking gorgeous. Don’t want to repeat myself so you’ll have to go to last months post if you want to see them. The Hellebore are still looking good too, talk about getting your moneys worth! My white Lilac bloomed and expired during the month, but smelled fabulous while it was around. Here is the current flower line-up…

Okay I lied; I’m repeating myself on this one. I love that this Hellebore sticks around long enough for its blooms to mix in with the grass beneath it, which mirrors the colors of the flowers.

Lilly of the Valley, I know, pretty sweet for the danger garden, huh? I love the fragrance and these little flowers are so shy they practically hide in the wonderful foliage. Plus these are the perfect spring focus point for under the Hydrangea. Later in the summer it will be so heavy with blooms that the stems will bend under the weight and completely hide the Lilly of the Valley.

Solomon’s Seal, the foliage is the reason for these blooms being in the garden. Their arching stems with the softly pleated leaves. A must! The green tip to the flower bud is also nice.

We inherited the Clematis; it was a tiny little stem hiding behind a patch of overgrown daisies. The daisies were ripped out and the struggling Clematis has thrived. I would have never chosen it myself I like it.

The Rhododendron buds are about to burst open, another day or two and the bush will be covered with big beautiful flowers. We also inherited these and I planned to rip them out. Much to the disgust of everyone I told. Well, we did rip out the Roses (In Portland, the ‘Rose City’…can you believe it, and they let me stay!), and the Azalea, but ended up keeping the Rhodies.

Another bud about to burst – the Hesperaloe parviflora. I love these flowers and hate that the only way I can get them to bloom is to buy them in this state. So far none of mine have ever repeated. Luckily I love the plants too so it’s okay, from what I’ve been told it just may not get hot enough here in Portland. I moved them down to the patio this year, may be the radiated heat from the slabs will help.

Echium candicans, I found this at the NW Flower and Garden show in Seattle. I love this plant. I wish it could realize its full potential in my garden but again, I am afraid we just don’t get hot enough. In fact it’s pretty doubtful that it will even make it through the winter. It has already grown so much though that it will put on a good show this summer.

Big Disclaimer: This is not my palm tree! It’s my neighbors. I can see it from my living room window and my backyard so I feel like it’s mine. It’s the closest thing I have to a borrowed view. Its big crazy blooms are so cool I just had to share them.


  1. Beautiful blooms, danger old softie, keeping the rhodies after all!

    Do you think the palm is a Trachycarpus fortuneii?
    I have two quite young ones and I'd love to think they'll eventually bloom like that.

  2. I just adore that you mix the spiky and the pretty! I've decided that my garden needs a bit more pretty - and since my garden janitor (who is only supposed to rake leaves out of the tight spots) went crazy and cut back everything in my front garden (including the bottom leaves on many Agaves. Guess who was very angry upon returning from Mexico?), I know have the room to add more flowers.
    Just trying to make lemonaid out of lemons -

    I love your echiums - I don't have room for candicans, so I planted a few of the biennial E. wildprettii - they should grow into a wildly tall spire next summer!

    You are SO COOL for keeping your rhododendrons! That is very punk rock of you, bravely hanging on to what many think of as a grandma plant. And look how amazing those buds are! You truly made me WANT one! The Danger Garden is a many splendored place!

  3. Jane - it is a Trachycarpus! I should have identified it as such. I believe he said he planted it about 7 years ago, it was about 3 ft tall then. It also bloomed last year.

    Does your garden janitor still have a job Germi? How horrible! That is exactly what I thought of the Rhody as, a grandma plant! You hit the nail on the head. The buds are beautiful aren't they? The color is extra dark in that stage. Thanks for the kind words!

  4. I adore that hellebore/grass combo. Such a lovely color echo. Can't grow hellebores here---too hot. See? Sometimes not enough heat is a good thing. That inherited clematis is gorgeous. Isn't it great when something pops up that you never would have chosen, and then you realize you love it?

  5. So hard to rip previous-owner stuff out if it's thriving... but I'm finally going to yank most of the roses we inherited too. They get black spot and I refuse to spray, and by midsummer they are just pathetic and ugly. Plus, I keep having to warn my kid not to run into them! Well, Lily of the Valley looks and smells sweet, but it is super toxic if you eat it, so I would say it qualifies on the Danger scale after all! :) Happy Bloom Day and have fun at the big plant sale!

  6. I like all the blooms especially the white lilac flowers of the Euphorbia plant. They are so beautiful. Those palm blooms, I have not seen them before. Good to see them from your blog. Have a great weekend!

  7. Nice try Pam but I'm not buying it! Hellebore vs Agave...I think you know which I'd chose! I am really surprised how happy the clematis is since I do nothing to it. Bonus.

    Karen it's not hard if you hate it, and I hated a lot of what was here. Thanks for the lily of the valley info, I did not know! I will now watch Lila (doggie) when she gets near!

    Stephanie - the palms and their blooms are wonderful...I am so lucky to have it right next door!

  8. Pam...gee Agave vs. Hellebore, I think YOU have the better end of that deal! The clematis is pretty wonderful especially since I do nothing for it and it just thrives.

    Karen - it was easy for me to rip out what I did because I hated it. Rip out those roses! You will thank yourself. Thank you for the Lily of the Valley info, I didn't know! I'll watch Lila (doggie) when she is near it!

    Stephanie aren't those palm blooms great!? I'm so lucky to have it right next door!


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