Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Which one is more dangerous? The cougar or the agave? Well since the cougar is behind a wire fence it’s probably the agave, but my friend Denise, (who took these pictures on an outing to the Ft Worth Zoo, last weekend) felt certain the cougar, being a true danger gardener, was protecting her agave and warning Denise to back up…or else.


  1. Hilarious! Yes, a toss-up as to whose fangs are spikier. :)

  2. Ha ha... the spiky agave looks so friendly now :-D

  3. Denise SchreiberMay 14, 2009

    I wonder how dangerous the cougar actually was? I should have tried to dig up her agave just to find out! (And hey, if she was gentle, I would have had a free agave!)

  4. It is all relative isn't it? I'd rather fight off an agave attack than a cougar attack for sure!

    DS - but how would you have got it home?


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