Saturday, May 9, 2009

plant shapes

I came in from working in the garden all day to find some amazing plant shapes taking form in the studio. My husband, Andrew, is working hard to finish the pictures for his June gallery opening and things are happening quick. I wanted to share some of these carved and painted plants with you.


  1. Oops I am not artistic :-( I wonder how he interprets plant shapes. And is that little yellow thing a bug?

  2. Andrew's work is fascinating. I love those primitive, strange little plants and the allusion to botanical field notebooks of the past.

    Please be sure to post the show info. I'd love to see these in person!

  3. Stephanie - the yellow guy is a bat. There are bats all through the work in this show. My photography makes it hard to tell but the bat is carved of wood and the bat body stands off the wings.

    Jane - I'll pass that along, he will appreciate what you've said about the field notebooks. This show is at the Lorinda Knight Gallery up in Spokane. If you happen to be up that way it will be up the entire month of June. He had a show at Augen Gallery here in Portland last September. There will (hopefully) be a show there sometime next year. I'll definitely post about it!

  4. I dig the roots/tubers or however he is envisioning them. Parts below the ground, which we sometimes forget about but are so essential. Wow, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I can't wait to see all those P-town parking strips!!! I did a post a while ago on how I didn't find too many when we were in town, but I didn't really know too much where to look. Next time, I hope to have cross-streets! :)

  5. Beautiful work, it also has an underwater quality. I like that little black and white critter in the bottom photo. I love that there's a bat theme-I just love bats.

  6. Karen - you are so right! in the Master Gardener course we learned so much about the plants systems that we never see (the roots the vascular system, etc), it kinda freaked me out! There is so much that can go wrong it's a wonder any of my plants make it! I wish that my camera showed off Andrew's work better!

    Megan - the black and white critter is a Malayan tapir. Bats are so under appreciated! I love visiting the bat room at the Oregon zoo...although if you show up at the right time it can be rather pornographic!


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