Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures I would have included the first time…

Our sick computer is back from the doc, and most of the pictures were saved (note to self, back up the important stuff)! Today I’m sharing a few pictures that were taken Summer 2008. I would have included these in the original posts on the backyard project, and the front yard re-do if I had them at the time. Hopefully you won't feel like I am just repeating myself, that isn't my intent anyway...

The papyrus does kind of show up, in the shot below, after all (I had commented in a post below that it did not) you can see it in the tall metal pot to the right of the white trumpet flowers. This picture was taken early enough in the season that it hadn’t really got with it. Right before our really late frost (I think it was early December when this one got hit) I cut down all the stalks and put them in a vase, we enjoyed them for weeks. Nothing says Christmas like papyrus right?

Behind the papyrus you can see Clifford, our big leaved magnolia. We’ve had Clifford for 4 years as of this July. We’re so proud of him growing up all straight and tall. His first bloom will be cause for a huge celebration. Maybe this year? And I know what you’re thinking. Why is a tree planted so close to a wall? Aren’t the roots going to be a problem? Ya. Dumb. I talk to Clifford regularly about the importance of sending his roots down deep rather than out. I think he’s listening.

A couple of updates:
There is still no green on my Chinese Yellow Banana that’s it! I’m breaking out the fertilizer this weekend, I should have done this already but I am really bad at remembering to fertilize. I rarely do it. While I’m at it I should also fertilize the hardy Japanese banana which is pushing out huge new leaves, maybe this is the year it finally reaches 10 ft tall?

I walked by the cactus in bondage the other evening. It’s still all tied up and the whole thing is starting to lean to one side. You can see dark spots at the bottom in a few places that look like rot. Things are not looking good.

Still no signs of life from the Elephant Ear. Glad I planted the new ones, and hey come to think of it they aren’t coming up yet either! Maybe there is still hope!


  1. Both your yards are so cool! I like the combination of plants you have planted. The Canna plants with red leaves looks interesting with the backdrop of long pointy foliages. Keep going, nice job!

  2. Your yard is just stunning. I totally covet your back yard hardscaping. I dug and stored my elephant ears the year before last, and they came back great. This year I left them out, and still no sign of them, predictably I guess. Good idea to try that on the lifeless banana. I might try that on my red leaf banana I've been hoping to see come back, but I might be running out of patience, I want to plant something else in that pot.

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2009

    Wow, your place looks amazing! I really like your paved back-yard area with the large stock tanks, (I love feeder tanks).
    Did you design all of this yourself? Curious.
    Very cool.

  4. Thank you Stephanie! I feel very lucky to have the space to experiment in, and I hope to keep going! Now that I've tried everyones's patience with old pictures I'll have to take some "now" pictures soon.

    Megan - I feel the same about your yard! Would it be too forward of me to suggest someday we actually see each others yards in "real life"? We could take advantage of being in the same city, or would that ruin the fun? A glass of red wine on the patio?

    I've never dug my elephant years (too lazy) and they've always come back. Ah well. I've tried to winter over a red banana twice with no luck. Please report if yours comes back to life!

    east-side patch, thanks! I did design it all myself, I love that you asked! I am a rookie who experiments in her own yard.

  5. I'm glad ESP asked about the design because I was wondering the same thing. I'm very impressed. By the way, this stock-tank maniac would love to see more of the ones in your garden. What'cha growing in them? How many do you have? More, more, more!

  6. OMG Pam...did you see my earlier comment that my husband is afraid our place is starting to look like a farm?

    There are currently 3 oblong tanks in the drive, 1 with bamboo to block the view of the neighbor's (less than attractive) back yard and 2 with veggies. Then in the upper backyard there is 1 oblong with bamboo in it. In the lower/patio area there are 3 oblong with bamboo and in the soon to be (soon - I hope) south 'shade shack' area there are 2 round ones, one with a Gunnera in it and one with a mish mash of assorted things. I believe that adds up to 9! Is that too many?...I hope not because I have 1 more planned. It is going to be the pond. Water plants!!! Yea!

  7. Just getting to yesterday's post, dg. What a fabulous garden you've created both in front and in back of your house. Like Megan, I covet your hardscape and I'd take the landscape too! I'm impressed to see the acanthus in what I assumed from your previous post was a hot location. It makes me think we may be able to put it in sunnier locations in our garden than I thought at first.

    Just seeing how mature your gardens look is really giving me encouragement for my nascent plantings. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  8. That's funny, I'm planning a stock tank pond too--an 8-ft diameter this time. I had a 3-ft diameter in my old garden, and it just wasn't big enough.

    Is there such a thing as too many stock tanks? I had four in my old garden, but they were too heavy to move. Currently I'm down to one with the 'Macho Mocha' mangave in it, but more will be incorporated in future.

  9. Hey Jane...I actually have 2 acanthus - 1 in the front and 1 in the back. Both are in very hot and sunny locations and both handle it just fine! I thought I had lost the front one last winter but it is struggling back. The one in the back droops a little on the hottest days but a nice tall drink and it springs back to life!

    You all inspire me too - besides of the obvious of visiting your blogs, your comments here also inspire. I started this blog at a low time in my gardening 'life' I was just so bummed about winter and the destruction (you would think I'd have put in hardier plants this time huh? Nope - zonal denial all the way baby), conversing with everyone here has really helped my mental state. So thank you!

    Pam - 8 ft!!! Wow. That will be wonderful. I'll be lucky to fit in the 3 ft...but we'll see. I'm holding off making the purchase until the shade shack is up, so I'll have a better sense of the space. Did you buy the 'Macho Mocha' mangave tank after the move, or move it? I'm afraid all of ours would stay in the event of a move. I can't wait to see a post on your pond!

  10. I bought the mangave tank specifically for the new garden. But the mangave itself was unearthed from a stock tank I left behind in the old garden.

    I bought the 8-foot tank today. Had to rent a pickup to get it home. It's huge! Pictures to come soon.

  11. Congrats! I'm even surprised you could fit an 8ft tank in a pickup. I can't wait to see pics and learn all about what you do. Be sure to share all the technical stuff too... so I can learn from your expertise!

  12. I think it would be fantastic to do some real-life garden visits, and I think wine on the patio is always a good idea. It seems too perfect that we have such similar taste in gardens. Your patio is much more lounge ready than mine, but that'll motivate me to get to work and get mine into shape.

  13. Fun! I dug out, cleaned and oiled my patio furniture this weekend, now it's just setting there begging to be used! Maybe we can put it off until after I have a chance to buy and spread the compost, eh?....

  14. Yes, exactly what I was thinking, compost first! Great minds...

  15. Your back garden looks so lush. I like the way everything has grown so big in the front too.


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