Thursday, October 1, 2020

Since I was nearby...

Curses on you Google Blogger! This will be a fun little experiment. We're going through this post backwards, starting at the end, and moving to the beginning. Why? Because no matter how I load a batch of photos using the (stupid) new Blogger platform they sometimes—80% of the time? Not 100% which would at least be logical—load them backwards. When I needed to reorder photos in the old blogger it was easy, I would just click over to the HTML view and do a quick cut and paste, now they've made even that nonsensical. So here you are. This post will start where I wanted to end and then progress to where I wanted to start. Stupid blogger improvements are not improvements.

So this spiky beauty is one of the things I purchased when I stopped by Blooming Junction nursery last week (since I was nearby...). It's an Agave 'Baccarat'...

I also bought this Agave parryi 'JC Raulston' trio. They had charming singles available, but I want extra agaves to play with for 'Upcycle & Plant' offerings next spring, thus I bought these and have already separated them.
Here's my full flat of plants, those two 4" pots of sempervivum were just so good looking I grabbed them as well.
Once my plants were safely stowed in the car I went on a little off-roading hike over to the berm that separates the nursery parking from NW Zion Church Rd as it zooms past the nursery. Again, we're starting at the end, so this photo was summing up what a lovely planting of Agave ovatifolia this is.
While this one was for admiring them close-up...
There are nine or ten of these beauties lined up here, although they didn't always look this good. In April of 2017 I shared a post detailing the carnage after a bad winter (here). I have no idea if these are the same agaves just grown out of the destruction, or new plants planted in nearly the same place. I wish I knew!

There were two other agaves up on the berm, I'm not feeling like hazarding a guess at the ID of either one. The first...
And here's the second...
And the the pair...
Here they are peeking up at the top of the berm.
But it's time to look around the nursery proper. I covet that bowl but would use it as a planter.
I covet that rusty stock tank too.
There were some darling echinacea, this one 'Hot Papaya'...
And here we have 'Green Jewel'...
Bees loving on the Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
It's autum, the grasses are looking good.
Euphorbia x 'Miner's Merlot'
Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire'
And in the foreground, Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'

I had no idea I'd managed to capture that little guy going in for a sip, until I looked at my photos on my computer.
Instead I was just transfixed with the color of these kniphofia blooms.
Of course the agaves at Blooming Junction are a big draw for me. This tiny little pup popping out at the center of a trio of Agave parryi 'JC Raulston' was pretty darn cute.
Here we have a bunch of Agave bracteosa labled as A. bracteosa 'Calamar', but the thing is 'Calamar' is supposed to be a solitary agave, no pups. That there is a lot of pups per container...
Wow, that's a large Agave ocahui! $94.89 and it can be yours!
Agave Shira ito no Ohi, $27.99. 
A mix of 'Blue Glow, Shira ito no Ohi and 'JC Raulston'
Agave 'Baccarat', I think this is the one I later bought.
On the top shelf are Mangave 'Whale Tail', I didn't check the tags on the bottom shelf.
Agave 'Blue Glow', of course.
Hey, it's the agave section!
I appreciated the fun pumpkin selection. No, I didn't go any closer. If I do end up succumbing to the charms of seasonal decor it won't be for another couple of weeks.
Hey, the nursery entrance, let's go on in and see what we might discover (it's confusing going backwards is it?)...
Of course before entering the nursery proper I had to check out a few plants in their display garden, I don't recall ever seeing a trunking Yucca gloriosa 'Bright Star' before, at least not in my climate.
Agave parryi and pups.
Hmmm, not sure on this one's ID. Maybe Agave parryi var. parryi? (as opposed to var. truncata above)
But this guy is definitely an Agave ovatifolia 'Frosty Blue'...
Here's another of the supposidly solitary Agave bracteosa 'Calamar'
And my opening image, wanna join me on a wander around Blooming Junction?

Weather Diary, Sept 30: Hi 83, Low 54/ Precip 0 

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  1. Oh! that JC Raulston! I’ve got to get myself right over there. Most auspicious post, or perhaps I should say most auspicious that I caught this one!
    Also, I must say, I learned a bit about the Blogger platform too, both the good and the bad. In SquareSpace I’ve not yet found any batch uploading possible. Mostly I’ve found that bad, although possibly it is good. For lack of an easy way to explain, I’ll leave it at that.

    1. Yay! I am so glad you saw this. I had a nagging feeling I was supposed to tell someone if I saw a 'JC' but I couldn't remember who. As for no batch uploads I can't imagine what that would be like. It would take me forever!

  2. I fondly remember Blooming Junction. Thanks for an update!

    BTW, I would have bought that 'Baccarat', too!

    As for Blogger, I think it loads files by date of last modification. Yes, it's annoying as hell...

    1. I don't know, that doesn't seem right in my experience. I've tried renaming images, and not renaming them. Some images are edited, others are not. It always loads them in the order they appear in the file, either top to bottom or bottom to top. Anyway, we agree that it's annoying as hell!

  3. End to beginning, kind of like eating dessert first. Fun. So many gorgeous plants. The A. bracteosa might not know they are supposed to be non-pupping. The first photo of all those gorgeous A. bracteosa is stunning.

    1. Ya, I think there was a mix up somewhere along the ling. Regular Agave bracteosa pups, but 'Calamar' does not...

  4. I was able to read your post the right way around because I have been inverted like the guys in Tenet and time is now running backwards for me, ha ha!

    It's a bit naff because I have 6 months of Covid restrictions to look forward to, but at least I know that there is an end point!

    The bursery has some really healthy looking Agave and the rusty bowl would look amazing in your garden :)

    1. How uncool am I? I had to look up Tenet. An end point eh? I just read a story about how we all had to get over the idea there was going to be an end point (for COVID).

    2. Oh no! No end point? Now you have made me sad (only kidding!)

  5. You have great nurseries, whichever way you look at them. I love 'Baccarat' but I've never found it here. Of course, I haven't wandered very far afield at all this year. I haven't had that problem with Blogger but then I load my photos in batches; however, if I skip one and want to insert it later, that's a whole other kettle of fish.

    1. Batches are what the issue is for me, if I did it one at a time then I would have some control (I think???). If you need an Agave 'Baccarat' I'd be happy to pick one up for you the next time I'm out that way (which may be in 2021...)

  6. Definitely looks like your kind of place, Loree. I really like Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire' - what a beauty!

    1. Ya, I do to. Unfortunately it's been a week plant in my garden and disappeared several times.

  7. I am still on old Blogger, which was supposed to be kaput some time ago. Someday I will be able to go outside again when the AQI isn't in the 300's and take some photos and do a post !

    1. So was I—on old old blogger—until suddenly I wasn't and the button to go back is gone. Be ready! As for your air, I am sorry. That's just miserable.

  8. I decided to read this post from the end to the beginning, although I realized later I didn't have to, really. That river of blue agave on the berm is gorgeous. I compared it with the 2017 disaster; I can't see how those agave could have survived when they looked so devastated.
    The trio of 'JC Ralston' you got didn't have that cute pup...

    1. No that cute pup was in a much larger, and more expensive, pot.

  9. Backwards or not, that was a lovely trip. I want that planter without a hole in it to use as a water feature. All the blog platforms change and none of the changes are for the better. It has taken me months to make it possible to see comments and to reply. But the correction does not link my replies to the proper comment. So I just keep replying by email and not on the blog. AArrrrgh.

    1. Sure they must think they're making improvements for someone?

  10. Forward, backward, or upside down--I love your posts, Loree! Thank you for all you do!

  11. Re: "Because no matter how I load a batch of photos using the (stupid) new Blogger platform they sometimes—80% of the time? Not 100% which would at least be logical—load them backwards."

    Wordpress does the same damn thing...


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