Thursday, September 17, 2020

Bean fern update...

When I wrote about my "mossy branch with benefits" a blog reader asked for a close-up of the planted wooden knob on the metal screen, saying it looked like "something straight out of the dg shop"...

I'm happy to oblige, especially since I recently planted up another "knob," with plans to list it in the shop, but then thought I would let it grow on a bit before selling it. First, this is the knob that was asked about.
It's a chunk of driftwood planted up with a piece of Lemmaphyllum microphyllum—the bean fern—which is an epiphytic fern found in Japan, Korea, China, India, Philippines, and the Asiatic Islands.

Below is the very first of my bean ferns, it was so small when I planted it, it's a slow grower so kind of hard to realize just how much it's grown. If you click through to this post from early 2019 it's the plant I put on a bit of bark anchored with filament.

Here is a fertile frond. It's had several so I'm not sure if the growth is do to spores or just the plant generally expanding.

The bark holding the bean fern—along with a few tillandsia—is tucked into a hanging leaf container.

It's one of the many treasures I brought home from visits to this man's greenhouse.

It's currently hanging in my Metapanax delavayi...

Along with another hanging leaf with similar contents.

The bottom of this one is glossy green.

Whereas the top is a good brown.

This bean fern has taken awhile to settle in, but is finally starting to grow.

Here's the newest addition to the collection, the one I am considering selling.

The piece of wood that I planted it in had the perfect planting pocket for something that didn't need a lot of soil. Considering the fact that every online shopping source seems to be out of stock on Lemmaphyllum microphyllum, and when they did have them available they were selling plants this size (or smaller) for $26 maybe I should list it.

Then again maybe I don't want to part with it?

Weather Diary, Sept 16: Hi 70, Low 55/ Precip 0

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  1. Dangerous to become too attached to your for-sale creations lovely as they are. Looks so unfern-like with it's rounded leaves.

    1. Yes this is definitely a work place hazard!

  2. The wood and the fern make good and artistic partners. I think you should hang onto your new creation until you need to clear space for the next pairing that strikes your fancy ;)

    1. Oh I could find a place for this little guy long term... no problem!

  3. Oh, gosh, I love the wood pocket with this unusual looking fern. I noticed they were sold out and rather expansive... as slow growing as they are, it's not surprising. At least you need not worry about finding a larger container any time soon.
    I couldn't part with such lovely babies, maybe in a few years, when they are big enough to divide.

    1. Indeed it would be hard to let any of them go, we'll see how I do...

  4. I see a planted fish in that second to last photo. Kind of Koi like. Do you see it?


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