Friday, May 29, 2020

Visiting McMenamins Anderson School (Part Two)

Yesterday I started a tour of McMenamins Anderson School up in Bothell, WA, but I got all caught up in the—completely amazing—desert garden and didn't venture any further. Today we'll see the rest of the garden, or at least the parts I stopped to photograph...

Look at that mangave color!

Definitely a Eucomis, maybe E. pole-evansii (?)

Crocosmia on fire!

In my experience loquats, Eriobotrya japonica, are still pretty rare up in the Seattle area, hopefully plantings like this will help to change that.

Heading into the meadow garden...

I loved this indication that a hotel guest was out enjoying the garden.

No tidying up! Magical seed heads left to be enjoyed.


OMG....I was transported back to a 2013 visit to Celestial Dream Gardens where I fell head over heels for this plant, Microcachrys tetragona. I tried it twice (purchased from The Desert Northwest) and it died both times. Here it is looking lush and beautiful (and yes, memory triggered I immediately started a search for places to buy this plant and try it a third time)...

Moving on to the edible garden, which does supply some food for the hotel restaurants.

Symphytum × uplandicum 'Axminster Gold'

Fatsia japonica 'Variegata'

Pseudopanax ferox

The much desired variegated daphniphyllum.


Just a regular old hotel right? Nope. What a paradise this is.

Eryngium giganteum is a gardeners paradise...thank you Riz for the time you generously spent with me talking about this amazing garden you've helped to create and maintain...

Weather Diary, May 28: Hi 91, Low 56/ Precip 0

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  1. I can wait to experience in person. Were you able to locate a third Microcachrys tetragonal and keep it alive? We had a rather mild winter. If my seed heads looked so magical they'd get to stay too.

    1. I canN'T wait...
      I wonder if anyone can identify that Crocosmia.

    2. I knew what you meant! While I was going through and uploading pictures for this post I searched for the Microcachrys tetragona and found one. It should be here Tuesday.

  2. Great plant selection and design. Lucky hotel guests! Wish all public gardens were as well designed.

    1. It's a treasure, as good as any public garden.

  3. Ever since you asked about loquats, I've been taking note whenever I see one. They are uncommon in Seattle but not nearly as much so as say Tetrapanax. Of course after all this loquat admiring, I had to get one.

    1. Of course you did! Yay. Tetrapanax huh? I had no idea. Two of my friends up there have babies from my plants, good to know they're helping to spread the love.

  4. If I ever need a hotel near Seattle, this is it!


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