Monday, May 11, 2020

Blooms only a mother could love...

While spreading mulch the other day I noticed that one of my astelia is blooming, as far as I know this is only the second time such a thing has happened here, the first was back in 2011. That's the plant below, center. You don't see the blooms?

No wonder, they're kinda tucked away and hard to spot.

And not particularly attractive either. They look a little like a grain that I should be harvesting. Or a creature's claw reaching out to grab an unsuspecting gardener.

If I remember right, from last time, they do open a bit more from here, but not much. Garden Bloggers Bloomday is coming up this Friday, the 15th, so I'll check back.

It takes all kinds, right? What's the most unattractive, unflower-like bloom that's appeared in your garden?

Weather Diary, May 10: Hi 87, Low 59/ Precip 0

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  1. Hmmm, now i am going to have to closely monitor everything trying to see who is the ugly duckling in my garden.

  2. It's "interesting." If you get seeds, I wonder how hard it is to propagate the plant? If it doesn't require you to do cartwheels, ugly may be beautiful (inside)! I don't care for the flowers my Lomandras produce.

  3. Mother Nature probably didn't think of us as the target audience to it's blooms. Don't really have anything outdoors with unattractive blooms but indoors I would say my peperomia.

    1. So true, doesn't matter what we think. It's all about the foliage anyway...

  4. Good question. I will have to think about an answer.

  5. Replies
    1. Tricky! they don't come from the sky, they come from the ground...


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