Friday, April 24, 2020

The Hamling, Funk and Seaborn gardens; from the Denver GB Fling...

I'm down to the final two posts from last June's Garden Bloggers Fling in the Denver, Colorado, area. This post is a combo of three gardens we visited, the first belongs to the Hamlings...

The large wrap-around porch captured my imagination, and that of several others.

And most every one was thrilled to partake of the mimosas and tasty treats on offer (it was our first garden of the day)...

This garden was all about space to entertain family and friends, so it was perfect for some Fling socializing.

The patio table was already set for a Father's day lunch that would be happening later that day—lest you think we were all sitting down to a meal!

This small pond at the far end of the back garden was my favorite feature.

Next up, the Funk garden.

I found myself wanting to fill all that empty space with plants...more plants! Whereas I heard others say the loved the fact the rocks were allowed equal showing.

I was thrilled to spot a cylindropuntia.

Which worked nicely with the Oenothera macrocarpa.

There were a few tiny agaves as well, I think this one might be Agave toumeyana v. bella.

Eremurus seem to love Colorado.

I loved the semi-private seating area up near the front of the house. It allows the owners a place to relax and be part of the neighborhood, while also being a little removed.

The final garden we're visiting today is that of Judy Seaborn, lead planner for this Fling and co-owner of Botanical Interests Seed Company.

Judy moved here in April of 1999. The land was a derelict "horse property", the garden—including this bocce ball court—is all her creation.

We had a nice dinner—heavy appetizers and adult beverages—in Judy's garden, it was the perfect setting.

I could have just sat and stared at the willow tree for hours.

But there were people to chat with! I have to say, it's a bit jarring to see my Fling friends standing so close together, a reminder of how different things are now.

I wish I'd spent more time photographing the garden, Judy had great plants! But it was the end of a long day. And there was wine. Good wine. A lot of it...

You can tell most of my photos were taken right after arriving, nobody had yet plopped down at the tables! (we soon did)

The veggie garden!

And that wraps this "Fling" post. Just one more to come (next week).

Weather Diary, Apr 23: Hi 61, Low 49/ Precip 0

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  1. Lots of good memories from the Denver Fling, and Judy's garden especially. We will definitely Fling again, I'm sure of it. Until then, it's fun to reminisce over your photos.

  2. Great gardens, and Judy's veggie patch is so tidy! While I wasn't extremely social, I do miss socializing... don't you? Sharing a glass of wine and talking normally, I guess we never could have imagined it otherwise.
    Have a good weekend (in the garden), Loree.

    1. I do miss it, definitely. Hope you have a good weekend in the garden too!

  3. Fun times, have a great weekend.

  4. Each impressive in its own way. Looking at the Funk garden had me thinking that maybe, instead of fantasizing about terracing the upper section of my back slope, I should just get some really large rocks hefted up there, but of course even that's easier said than done. Can you identify the plant in photo 22? It's intriguing.

    1. Garlic I believe. Those are the scapes, which are edible and wonderful. I bought some at the farmers market last summer and never could bring myself to eat them, instead they just stayed in a vase.

  5. I'm a little jealous of anyone who has a wrap around porch, can grow a giant weeping willow, or Eremurus.


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