Monday, April 13, 2020

Shopping Sebright Gardens on a Sunny Sunday

Sebright Gardens! I first discovered them for their hostas, but now love them for their ferns.

Back on April 5th Andrew and I took a drive south with Sebright as our destination. They are open for business, and there were a couple of ferns in stock that I "needed." Sure I could have mail ordered them, but then we wouldn't have been able to wander the grounds and that was half the fun. This was not essential travel, but an occasional mental health booster is extremely "essential" and we came in contact with less people—and at further distances—than if we'd have gone for a walk in our neighborhood. Plus I was able to support a small business that I want to survive this madness, and maybe you'll see something in this post that you need? (as mentioned, they do mail order)

Look at that! Agave americana var. Medio-picta 'Alba' planted out in a great spot. That was an unexpected surprise to start our visit.

Always tempting, but I passed.

Epimedium wushanense 'Sandy Claws', one of the best epimedium in my opinion...

Had I not just bought a couple of these at Joy Creek Nursery I'd have been grabbing a pair.

Saxifraga x geum 'Dentata'

The one that got away. I should have grabbed a Blechnum penna-marina, should have. I did not, and I regret it. Dammit.

Have this one already, and love it.

Woodwardia unigemmata, the jeweled chain fern—you cannot have too many of these (I think I'm at 4 or 5).

Woodwardia orientalis, I have one of these, but it refuses to grow.

This little fern is why we were here, Asplenium trichomanes, aka maidenhair spleenwort. I bought two.

Coniogramme japonica var. gracilis; narrow leaf bamboo fern (I bought one of these on our last visit).

Pyrrosia lingua 'Eboshi'...okay, let's just understand I have a thing for cool ferns. I have this one too.

Maybe I only took photos of things I already have? Pyrrosia lingua...

And then I looked up and saw Andrew at the end of the tunnel...way back there, 3,000 hostas between him and me...

But there were more ferns! I think this table is the "don't you wish you could grow these in your garden? BUT YOU CAN'T"...selection. All are tender here in our Zone 8.

Blechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady'

Doryopteris pedata

Blechnum brasiliense 'Volcano'

Pteris quadriaurita 'Flame'

There were a few more plants to explore over by the check-out area. This Tulipa turkestanica was a beauty.

And their blooming Scadoxus puniceus had me looking ahead to when my plant (a gift from the Outlaw) will bloom...

One last shot of their amazing greenhouse, then I'll venture on to the display garden and that's tomorrow's post...

Weather Diary, Apr 12: Hi 66, Low 37/ Precip 0

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  1. I was infatuated with the Doryopteris pedata - and then I saw that tulip. I do "need" to do more mail order plant shopping and will pay Sebright a visit, even if I probably have no business buying ferns (and it's too late for tulips here).

    1. Buy the Doryopteris pedata! I can love it vicariously via your blog.

  2. Not a fan of the Abutilons eh? I see them back there in one photo and I'm intrigued. I love Sebright's fern selection. That Spleenwort is fabulous. I have two of them and they haven't missed a beat all winter. So cool. What is in the new greenhouse pictured at the bottom? That is new since I was there last.

    1. Actually I bought an abutilon from Sebright last year, I think it's still alive too (tender). I love them, I just don't have space for another.

    2. Oh, the greenhouse! It's off limits so I think it's for growing on the tenders...if not for the social distancing requirements I would have asked to see inside.

  3. It was bad enough seeing the ferns you could buy and grow, but then those others. OMG! All those ferns I can't grow here. Why do we always want those plants??

    1. I know! The idea of tender ferns struck me as strange, but since they're all survivors from when the earth was covered with them, it shouldn't be.

      A couple of small very dark green spleenworts have appeared in a bed that's developed a lot of moss, and I couldn't be more thrilled. One, two, many spleenworts!

    2. Exactly, I want to garden in SoCal for all the things I could grow that I can't.

      As for the volunteer spleenworts...lucky!

  4. I have a nice patch of 'Dentata' that I got from you. Even the governor deems nurseries "essential" and how can they play that role unless there are customers? So good on you and Andrew (also preserving your mental health...important, no?)

    1. I wish I had remembered you had some of "my" 'Dentata'....mine have all disappeared. I knew I'd given some away at swaps and such, but couldn't remember who do ask for a couple of starts back.

  5. I placed an order with Sebright today, all ferns. I'm just far enough away to order instead of visit in person, though I do love visiting. Oh, and I have a bunch of Blechnum penna-marina. I think I could spare some for you.

    1. Indeed you are, another hour and it becomes a very different trip. I hope you share what you bought, when it arrives. And thank you!!! I would love a bit of your Blechnum penna-marina, that's very kind.

  6. Fabulous ferns throughout; if only there was enough room in the shady area, but it seems to diminish over the years. I have a jewel fern that exploded in size last year and I just love it. For most of the others, I couldn't remember their names to save my life. There must be tags for them somewhere.
    Oh, and Epimedium wushanense! I'm a big fan.

    1. Interesting, based on my experience I assumed gardens got more and more shady over time as things grow.

  7. That greenhouse... wow.


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