Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes you really do just have to ask “WWTT”?

At first glance it looks like a tricycle just abandoned in the front yard. But when you get closer you see it’s been chained in place. WWTT?


  1. "You go outside and sit on your tricycle that doesn't go anywhere and think about what you did."

    Super creepy.

  2. Interesting 'sculpture/installation'. A bit eerie too!

  3. OMG...I love these posts! Seriously...what's the story with this one!?! Also...lava rock...ugh.

  4. When it grows up it will be a bicycle, and then they can hang a basket of flowers on it. And it will have weathered to a nice rusty patina by then too.

  5. maybe it's a bait tricycle

  6. My immediate thought was it represents a small child that's no longer in their lives, whether grown, moved, or..? Maybe something more tragic happened...hope not!

    But it's weird, whatever the reason.

  7. Maybe they have a hidden camera and are watching who has a go at trying to snatch it.

  8. ...a childhood memory?

  9. I think they are messing with everyone! I like that sometimes...

  10. Easy. They don't want the trike to run away!

  11. I hope Desert Dweller is right, but I have a feeling Mulch Maid got it. It feels poignant somehow...

  12. Not sure what they were thinking (OH! WWTT!...just figured that one out!)But anyway, super creepy! I am hearing abandoned swing set chains clinking in the background...

  13. It got your attention didn't it? :)

  14. Maybe they are William Eggleston fans.

  15. Heather, I like the way you think!

    Mark and Gaz, that's it! It is an artistic statement.

    Scott, agreed about he lava rock...and there is definitely a certain group that love it!

    Alison, you're being very optimistic, I like that.

    mb, bait for? Oh creepy....

    MulchMaid, oh god....I hope I'm not preying on a tragedy.

    Lancashire Rose, I like this idea.

    Lauren, oh..also good!

    DD, yes I suppose I do to.

    Grace, hehehe, I can just see it pedaling down the street.

    ChrisU, no.....

    Three on Grove, you like horror films don't you?

    Darla, why yes it did!

    Les, had to ak my husband who he was...with no prompting as to why I was asking he described the tricycle!


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