Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Urban Hillbilly Chic, at the GBF

Let’s do a little time-travel and head back to the Garden Bloggers Fling in Seattle! Sunday of the fling found us at the garden of one of the Fling organizers, Lorene Edwards Forkner. Since we had enjoyed Lorene’s “let’s do this thing” attitude and entertaining personality for the last couple of days we were somewhat prepared for the fun garden that awaited us.

Having skipped out on the farmers market stop earlier that morning (in favor of a visit to Molbak’s Nursery) I arrived a little late and missed out on Lorene’s addressing the group from her balcony above (an excellent photo moment I have seen captured on many of my co-flingers blogs), I did go up on the balcony though to see what the view was like. Once there I was caught up in the thought of relaxing on the hammock and admiring the succulents. I have no idea what the view was like! Back down in the garden there were plenty of things to admire. Lorene is a very crafty gal and there are garden projects everywhere! This is where I should mention that she has a new book coming out from Timber Press “Handmade Garden Projects”…if you want to learn more about the things you see in this garden you’ll no doubt want her book. Lorene’s was the first garden of the weekend where we were actually bumping into each other. Rather than the grand estates we’d been visiting hers was a garden on a regular city lot. It was nice to feel like ‘hey I could do this” instead of wondering how much money it had taken to create the garden. Now that I see this curly wire trellis I’m thinking it might just be the thing to grow my new clematis on! Here’s another curly wire doodad…Lorene where did you get these? Or perhaps she made them? Did you see the trailer in the last image? Adorable right? Just the perfect little place to get out of the sun, or rain, (this is Seattle) and spend an afternoon reading, or napping. Stock tanks! It’s Jim of Compost in my Shoe, and look…he’s wearing his best Cactus T-Shirt!!! He might deny it but I know he did it just for me… Here’s Lorene (in orange) asking the group quiz questions and giving away a little swag, I knew the correct answer to the question of how she describes her garden style and shouted out “urban hillbilly chic!” before anyone else, earning me a copy of “Cultivating Words: The Guide to Writing about the Plants and Gardens You Love” yay for prizes! Now I just need to find the time to read it! This is perfect time to extend my thanks to the team who organized the Seattle Fling...Lorene Edwards Forkner, Marty Wingate, Mary Anne Newcomer and Debra Prinzing. You ladies were amazing!


  1. You crazy girl! I love her garden. It is one that truly felt doable. She is a creative one!!! Thanks for calling me out. Glad you liked my cactus shirt. Of course it was for you!!!!!!!

  2. Can't believe how much you flingers flung into just a few days. I am enjoying getting it second-hand in small doses.

  3. Of the many gardens all of you featured this has been my favorite!

  4. What a stylish garden, full of wonderful accessories and personal touches! Inspiring, makes me want to be more 'creative' :) Another one to bookmark!

  5. I have a 3 pieces of those wirey things that a friend gave me. I think they had something to do with rebar and road repair. I'll ask him again where they can from and let you know. I love mine and would like to have more..........

  6. Wow !! superbe reportage ! very inspiring place. J'adooore ......

  7. Compost, yay! I knew it.

    ricki, I agree! Looking back at my photos which I grouped by day I kept thinking "really? We did all that in just one day?"

    Darla, you'll definitely want to check out her book when it's available then.

    Mark and Gaz, when do you guys have time to "be creative"'re spending all your energy working hard on that pond!

    Beech Street, that would be fabulous!!!

    Thank you Delphine!


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