Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Patterns and Plants, in Nashville

We are back in Nashville for Day 2 at the in-laws garden (for those of you wondering…yes, I’ve talked about the New Mexico in-laws….no, they didn’t move. I have two pairs….the New Mexico’s and the Tennessee’s)….today is all about the plants and the patterns…and sometimes both. First the patterns… Plant leaves, making patterns… And finally, the plants. This was my first time seeing the beautiful bark of the Crape Myrtle. A view of the back garden, so much open space…and so many mature trees. And the Bamboo! In the ground none-the-less! Beautiful. I’m just not so sure the neighbors think so; word is that it’s showing up on the other side of the fence. Canes harvested and ready for use. I meant to ask for a tiny piece of this variegated Liriope. Beautiful berries. Cannas, bitten by frost. A view across the garden from the house. A view across one of the patio’s towards the Bamboo. I hope to return someday to see this garden in spring….but not summer. No, I hear stories of the heat and humidity…it might be too much for me.


  1. It is so strange reading your take on the plants that we take for granted, like the Crape and the variegated liriope....and yes mam, it is hot as hades in the summer.

  2. I love all the paving! And that is a great Liriope! I'm not usually a big fan of variegation, but I love bright green on dark green variegation.

  3. At the rate my crape myrtle is growing, I don't know if I will ever see that wonderful bark...something to look forward to. Lovely patterns.

  4. Love those leaves inprinted in the stone!

  5. Darla, I suppose for me it would be weird to read about someone thinking ferns, rhododendrons, and Douglas firs are unique!

    Ryan, isn't that variegation super? I was kicking myself for forgetting to ask for some.

    ricki, I saw bark on the trees in the Garden Fever parking lot yesterday that reminded me of the Crape Myrtles. I wished I knew what they were.

    scott, me too. If we ever pour concrete I know I'll have a collection of cool leaves at the ready (uhm...perhaps you might be pouring concrete with your backyard project?).


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