Thursday, January 13, 2011

A fence that doubles as a grape arbor

I thought this simple straightforward design was a great way to delineate the yard as well as provide a place for grapes and other vines to grow.
And as the vines fill in they provide privacy as well. If it were in my yard I would be tempted to use metal rods instead of bamboo. But that’s because I like metal things (case in point we have 10 galvanized stock tanks) almost as much as I like spiky things (I have more than 10 agaves).
And in case you’re wondering these pictures are from early November, hence the tasty looking grapes that would be freeze dried by now.
However this picture is from just last Friday.
Brussels sprouts anyone?


  1. I've never been able to coax Brussles sprouts to grow. I used to think it was the Zone 9 heat that made them take forever to produce pigmy fruit. Then I saw another local garden with plants as tall as I am. Now I realize they want soil and fertilizer much richer than I'm prepared to provide.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

  2. Weeping Sore, oh no...those aren't mine! I've thought about growing them, after all they are such a freaky alien looking plant (and I love to eat them) but I never have.

  3. I love it, especially the corner, the way the poles stick out.

  4. I love that's almost exactly what I've been thinking of doing along our driveway. There's a partially-completed privacy fence that we've been trying to figure out how to "finish". This would be perfect! I wonder if I could convince my neighbors to tear out the awful old chain-link fence...and help pay for half of the new one...hmmmm.

  5. that fence is so cool! great idea. i agree, metal would look better than bamboo.

  6. The plus of this divider/fence is how good it looks without anything on it. Definitely important considering that here in Portland, almost every vine is deciduous in winter.

    Yay for Brussels Sprouts! I love 'em but I've never grown 'em.

  7. They are freaky looking plants, aren't they? I like the fence. I've found that the good ole ubiquitous and ugly chain link fence also houses vines well.

  8. love the fence. simple, symmetrical and functional! very nice!

  9. Ryan, I thought the corner was especially nice too, definitely a design bonus.

    scott, good luck with that! Fences and neighbors are a tricky combination. We had a neighbor cut down a beautiful wall of laurel, that we loved, to put up an ugly fence. Then she had the nerve to ask us to help pay for it. NO!

    gina, I wonder if they had the bamboo growing in the back garden and cut the canes for the fence? Certainly would be cheaper than buying metal rods!

    MulchMaid, I thought about growing them last year but then upon reading up on their cultural requirements discovered that they needed pretty much the exact opposite of what I could provide them in the place I was going to grow them. Bummer.

    Grace, me too. The chain link gate to the backyard looks better with a vine on it!

    Laguna, you summed it up well...simple, symmetrical and functional!

  10. The fence is nice...those sprouts with the trellis leaning and crispy plants to the left quite a sight.

  11. Very excellent fence! I love the design with the extra parts poking out through the posts. (Danger Fence, anyone?) Good bamboo to build something like it might not be so easy to find. We had a bamboo store(!) at the foot of our hill for years where you could get nice uniform bamboo timber, but now it's a pet supply. Bummer.

  12. I am in the process f building this same fence. Could you tell me where got the photos? From looking at the photos, do you think they used 1" poles? Thanks!

    1. I took the photos on a walk in NE Portland...and yes, I do think they used 1" poles. Good luck!


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