Saturday, January 1, 2011

danger garden updates

It is that time of year where my mind starts to wander to the spring plant sales. I look up the dates, make a mental note and dream a little before getting back to the reality that the long cold month of January is just getting started. And then I repeat.

Finally the light went on. As many of you mentioned back when I asked “why do you blog” we use our blogs as a type of garden diary. I know look up my plant names more often in my blog archives than I do my notebook.

Why not use the new (or not really so new) “pages” feature in blogger to keep track of the plant shows and sales I hope to attend? Plus this way you can see them too! But don’t worry, I’ll still post reminders the week before, after all it’s a personal goal this year to get you all out to the Rare Plant Research open house in May (at least those of you that live in Portland, just don’t dare buy the good stuff before I do).

If you know of an upcoming event of possible interest please let me know about it (a comment on a post is great, or feel free to email me, address available on my profile page). I do realize this feature will only be of interest to those of you here in the greater Portland/PNW area but since it’s on another page it shouldn’t get in the way for the rest of you.
And in true gardener style, you know…how you start one project but it quickly turns into two others? I’ve also created a page with the names of plants I’m currently on the hunt for. Don’t be fooled by the short list…there are more, I’m adding them as I find the scraps of paper I’ve been recording them on (so tech savvy). If you see one of these out there in the world I would love to hear about it! If you're interested these new pages are accessible by clicking on the "tabs" under the header....Gardening Related Events and Plants I'm Hunting For.

And the blooms in this post? They were photographed on my last dog walk of 2010. Proof that spring is right around the corner, happy 2011...there are lots of gardening adventures ahead!


  1. Well actually... I just planted a lobelia tupa this summer. from Joy creek. And the Eringium giganteum self seeds so I have it always. You are welcome to any seedlings. Sorry but the tupa is tiny still.

  2. Great update, Loree. Thanks for pulling all the regional garden events together on one page for my convenience! This is so much better than the O's Home & Garden listing that I can never find when I want it. And I see you'll be doing a class on cactus for HPSO this year so you'll be able to list yourself! Any date yet?

  3. Linda, actually just hearing that your L. tupa is still alive is a good thing! And I will happily take any seedlings of the Eringium off your hands!

    MulchMaid, oh actually actually saw that!? I thought maybe it was so buried in the newsletter that it might be missed. Yes it's true...although the title is a mislabel as it will actually be more about growing succulents in our climate. I hadn't even thought about it as an event to list but I suppose I could! It will be sometime in August (warmth!), actual date yet to be determined.

  4. great idea! Don't forget to check the Japanese and Chinese garden's spring plants sale dates. The Japanese Garden also has a few classes throughout the year.

    While looking at local nursery websites I've seen that many of them hold their own Spring and Fall sales.

    I believe our local extension offices hold classes and events regularly too.

  5. Ah. Blue so beautiful it hurts the eyes. LOVE IT.


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