Friday, May 7, 2010

Another step (or two) closer….

Way way way back in early August of 2009 I blogged about our being “one step closer to a pond.” We had purchased the stock tanks and they were about to be dug into place and made level. The digging happened on Labor Day weekend '09… And they are level! Next step…planting the pond! (picture taken September 7th)
Well you know how projects can go (right? Please say you know...) and before I knew it winter was looming large and nobody in their right mind (at least in Zone 8, Oregon) would actually finish a pond project when winter is just around the corner.

So in late September (the 26th to be exact) I planted the bog tank with plants that needed a safe home for the winter. And called it good. We were off on our California Vacation and I knew I wouldn't revisit this area for a few months.
On December 5th they were blissfully unaware of the cold the next week would bring.
On December 20th they were freeze dried.
Through it all the pond set empty. Well, sort of empty. Over the winter it filled with rain, and leaves. It froze solid in December. And now it’s a gooey mess.
But the freeze dried bog plants are showing signs of life. The transplanted Acanthus are going strong, the Tree Fern is happy…
And I’m waiting (not so patiently) for the temperatures to warm, and the crazy spring rains to stop and then I’m heading to Hughes Water Gardens and I’m buying pond plants and little fish…and then…FINALLY, I’ll have a pond. About 9 months after the project started.


  1. I like this project! Can't wait to see the end result!

  2. it's going to be worth it! so looking forward to seeing you on monday!

  3. Fun! I've always wanted a pond, but I worry that I'm not a good enough pond-keeper to keep one healthy. Keep us posted on the project - I'll be interested to hear how it goes!

  4. The area looks so neat and pretty with the pebbles! I bet it will be great.

  5. You'll love your pond-I have a tiny pond ,with a few gold fish and water lily. I'm happy to sit by it all summer long...

  6. Oh, 9 months is a good length for many types of projects. :)

    I am maybe going to get a stock tank next week, and you are one inspiration! May I ask why you buried yours? I have seen them up on blocks, don't know the whys and wherefores of either method. I have to drill drainage holes in mine, since it won't be for bog plants.

    What kind of fish are you planning to get? How do you protect from raccoons and herons??


  7. Cool! Can't wait to see the finished pond.

  8. Yes, I know how projects go...

    The bog tank is an intriguing idea. I've been wanting to corral lots of thirsty potted tropicals into one big container this summer. Believe it or not, it's hard to find stock tanks locally in LA.

  9. These babies often take 9 months to complete. ;-) I know how it is to get stalled on a project. I just last week completed the sunburst path around my stock tank--the finishing touches, that is. It had sat there ALMOST completed for about two months, just taunting me.

  10. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    Wow, that is going to be cool. Just hope it warms up soon for you. Matti

  11. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    Well now, Loree~~ I'm surprised one of your commenters didn't refer to Rome and how it wasn't built in a day. Quality takes time.

    I love the size of your Cyperus! Fry Road has little, plug sized ones for a song. Are you getting tired of hearing me drone on about this nursery? :)

    I doubt you'll have problems with coons and herons since you're using a stock tank with vertical walls.

  12. This looks great. Will the fish be safe in the tanks over the winter?

  13. so what are you going to do with the fish next winter when it starts freezing again..?

  14. Laura, me too! (looking forward...)

    A+M, I agree, very worth it!

    MuchMaid, I share your concern. I did go to a seminar from Hughes Water Gardens at the YG&P show. They were very encouraging that it's really not hard.

    K&V, thank you!

    linda, so what do you do with the gold fish in the winter? And have you had issues with predators?

    Karen, I hope the stock tank info I emailed you helped! I can't wait to read all about your tank!

    Megan, hopefully it will be picture worthy.

    Denise, I totally believe it! Here in Portland it even requires a bit of a field trip.

    Pam, good to hear that you have hiccups along the way too!

    Matti, 76 predicted for Thursday...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Grace, not tired at all...just helping push me towards planning a visit! I hope you are right about the vertical sides.

    Sylvana, Mary....well I guess a girl can hope that this will be the year we don't get a freeze? Ya right. Seriously though I think we are just going to start with guppies, and we can catch those and put them in and indoor container. My husband has had them in the past. We just want something that will feast on the insects and mosquitoes!

  15. I think your projects always look good BECAUSE you take your time. I tend to rush and don't get things perfectly level, and then spend the rest of time regretting it. For something so well done, I think a project that gets completed in a year is rather quick.


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