Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day Plant Sale at McMenamins Edgefield

This one could go either way…as I’ve said time and time again; the McMenamins properties have amazing gardens! Perhaps they would be selling a few amazing plants? We decided to check it out. Luckily we didn’t drive too far, or give up any other pressing plans because the sale wasn’t really all that thrilling. The selection was fairly small and on the larger plants the prices were a little steep (in my opinion). Still I didn’t come away empty handed!

My attempts to propagate Datura have failed miserably, so I came home with two Datura Stramonium for only $3 ea. See the sign…(which I loved by the way…so much information!) Don’t they say WHITE flowers? Exactly…that is what I wanted. Doesn’t this look purple to you? (photo taken this morning...3 days after purchase)Even though I keep reading that Bee Balm can be invasive mine keep dying every winter. I wasn’t going to bother to replace it this year but for $3 something that the hummingbirds love is defiantly a must have. That's it in the lower left hand corner.And naturally, now that I finally have a Euphorbia rigida I am going to start seeing them for sale everywhere! The “not for sale” area…or maybe part of their Plant Maintenance Facility?And greenhouse, also off limits…Since the sale took considerably less time that I expected it to, and we’ve only visited Edgefield in the twilight, we took a walk around the gardens.Aren’t these trough planters fabulous! I went back to ask one of the gardeners working the sale what they “used to be” (they looked to be reclaimed from their former life) but they were all very busy answering questions of the plant sale shoppers.
Agave Americana ‘Mediopicta Alba’...
Their monster Gunnera is already off to a fabulous start on the growing season.
I have no idea what these attractive leaves are; they too are growing bog-side near the Gunnera.
Charming, almost albino horsetail…
I believe this is Calycanthus occidentalis, or Spice Bush? If it is it’s going to smell so amazing…
And simply huge Hosta leaves.
We were tempted to stick around for a leisurely brunch but the place was positively crawling with families taking their mothers out to celebrate the day…and I had to get back to Portland because I had an afternoon date to tour the Arizona-esque garden! More on that soon…


  1. Looks fun! I will have to consult the McMenamins site to see where Edgefield is, I've never been. I don't believe I've ever seen the word "charming" used in the same sentence as "horsetails" before... you wouldn't say it if you knew their evil nature! Looks like a fun visit. Hey, if the E. rigida is only hardy to Zone 8, will it take the "new" winters? Bee balm always dies out for me too. Is it maybe a biennial anyway? Mine gets mildewy too, but maybe there are resistant varieties. I am trying to make the hummers and butterflies happy this summer so I need to try again. Nice that you got in and out of the sale fast, that always feels like an accomplishment!

  2. Euphorbia rigida - what a lovely plant, love those colours. I've never seen this plant before - love it!

  3. Karen, it was a fun outing! I do know the evils of the horse-tail, and I do still find it charming. But I'm weird that way. This is the first that I've seen E. rigida labeled as 8, usually it's called 7...maybe they were just playing it safe?

    Evelyn, me too! So glad to finally have one!

  4. That is a great trough! I love reclaimed planters!

  5. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    How fun although I must say having to witness the plastic tape cordoning off an area with a sizable collection of plants is nothing short of torture. How dare they? I bet there was some good stuff in there!

    In my experience, Monarda has never been invasive because my soil dries out so completely during the summer. I think if it were planted by water, maybe. And, Monarda never survives my transplanting. It might not be spiky-dangerous but in my opinion, it's definitely belongs in the Danger Garden.

  6. Laura, dang I wish I would have found out what they were!

    Grace, ya...the tape killed me too. Maybe the summer bake is the key to the non-invasiveness of the Monarda, I had not thought of that.

  7. The unknown plant is I think a petasites. I have this one in my weed patch, it fits right in with the other thugs, but I like it. I have one leaf on it this year that must be at least 16" across. I'm really loving that leaf.


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