Friday, January 15, 2010

January Bloomday 2010

The first Bloomday of 2010! And I have nothing to show you. The good news is that I am getting my crutch feet (arms) strengthened up and can actually get out to the garden and have a look-see, (as long as it stops raining that is). But there isn't anything blooming, not one darn thing. Not even a weed! I guess this would be a good late new years year I vow to have something blooming in the danger garden on January 15th.

In the mean time (cheater alert, you garden purists should just go away now, lest you be infuriated with me) I took a look around the house and realized I do have plenty of flowers blooming, even in January, on a vintage lampshade... And on a couple of these metal wall plaques
On my cheap IKEA chair (there's one for the husband too, and a matching ottoman)
This art deco sconce has stylized flowers on the backplate...
And on the glass shade
My husband's artwork usually has an exotic bloom or two. Here the flowers are being pollinated by bats.
Our sofa pillows feature flowers of a sort
And this old wooden frame has carved flowers all around the edges
Photographs of magnolia blossoms on the mantle
And another sconce with a floral motif
This pair of vintage floral prints are impossible to photograph well...but I love them. Such lush floppy blooms!
They brighten up a wall in our dining room...
And on the other side of the room, in a built-in cabinet are a couple of Redwing platters, I wish I had the whole set. Or on second thought maybe that would be overwhelming, better to just mix them in with solid colors.
And because I love to wear flowers too, here is my favorite stainless steel bracelet. Made by a local artist from scraps leftover from her day job, making signs.
And every woman needs at least one pair of red shoes, even better when they have a flower on the toe!
Thanks for playing along with me on my fake bloom day. Like I January there will be at least one bloom to show off on Bloomday. I promise. To see some of those lucky gardeners around the world that do have flowers in January visit May Dreams Gardens and scroll down to the long list at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!


  1. I say you get points for being a good sport and having a good imagination. It was hard to find blooms anywhere this January, unlike previous years when the first weeks of January were mild. Every year is different. Have you ever seen as many Amaryllis posts?

  2. From one envelope pusher to another, I enjoyed your post, especially the magnolia motifs.

  3. Hey, Carol says anything goes, and creativity always gets extra points in my book. :) Your house is so stylish and elegant, and those shoes! I agree about the red shoes - even though I am not very girly on the whole, I have some some dark red sandals that I would probably carry out of a flaming building if I had to. Hey, flowers aren't everything in your garden, foliage and form seem more your bag so no worries about the Jan. 15 floral lack!

  4. Very creative! It's fun to see just how many flowery things you actually have. I wouldn't have figured you for so many of the deco and vintage items, but I love the mixture. Ditto the red shoes!
    And like you, I vow to have something in the garden next January for Bloom Day.

  5. After admiring your photo frame, your decor... ta da... your shoe ha ha... you gave me a surprise. Cute shoe!

    Thanks for making my weekend delightful :-D

  6. We gardeners are all alike, blooms everywhere. I was going to have a post about all the earring I have with a garden theme! I love that lampshade & your sconces are just beautiful!

  7. Fantastic! I so want to step back from each flower and turn around and see the entire room...I imagine it's a great space you and your husband have created!

  8. I love all your blooms! January Bloom Day can be one of the most challenging posts of the year, and you pulled it off with aplomb. Bravo!

  9. I love those shoes, Dorothy. A flower, is a flower, is a flower. And you've got some beauts.

  10. Thanks for the peek at the hub's art. What a pair you make! I mean that in the very most complimentary way.

  11. Nell Jean, thank you! And you are right about the Amaryllis, oddly this was the first year in a long long time that I didn't have one.

    Thank you Les, your post was pure brilliance!

    Karen, Thank you, but notice the extreme close ups, carefully framed to hide the cob-webs and bad bits!

    Jane, oh ya...I am totally deco vintage! Tamed a bit by the husband. I used to work for an amazing vintage lighting company, thus I am pretty picky about my lights.

    Steph, glad you enjoyed my cheating post!

    Susie, your bloomday post was amazing! And a baby too! Congrats.

    Gail, thank you. A little messy at the moment, and some painting still needs to be done but it's coming along.

    Caroline, Thank you! Challenging for sure!

    Grace, ha! I didn't even think about the Wizard of Oz, which is unusual I'm usually all over that! Thanks for the smile!

    ricki, he's so talented! Thank you for noticing!

  12. Plenty of flowers to enjoy. I like the idea of capturing the flowers in the house. That inspires me. I might have to go on a treasure hunt in the house too. I totally agree on the red shoes, you have to have at least one pair.


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