Friday, January 22, 2010


Part of my continuing series on our October trip to California…Next stop down the boulevard was Grow.
This tempting little shop had a fun collection of furniture…
And bromeliads…
What I wouldn’t give to have this wall in my garden! It would be on the south side, behind the shade pavilion, where in the cool wet winter and spring it would be covered with green moss. Fabulous!
And if I were lucky enough to live near Grow I would have an excuse to visit weekly, since they had a nice selection of cut flowers too!


  1. Well, you'll have to fight me for the wall, Loree. :) Or once you've got it installed behind your shade pavilion and you come home from work one day and it's not there, you'll have a pretty good idea who took it. [I have no manners.] I love the lines on the chairs. It's easy to picture myself curled up on one for an afternoon nap.

  2. OH MY GOD! I NEED that carved stone (concrete?) wall and hoop chairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would love to open a "tempting little shop" just so I could call it SATE. Love those terse names!

  4. Maybe you will have to learn to cast concrete (how hard can it be?) so you can design your own wall. I bet it would have agaves on it.

  5. I would surely go mad if I lived out there--I'd want every plant and every cool bit of garden art I laid my eyes on. Such incredible variety and so different from my world. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Wow, that wall is amazing! I would love just a piece of it!

  7. Yes, the gorgeous. I wanted a decorative cmu wall in the back yard of our ranch, but they're oh so expensive. I love the chairs, too. I can't imagine how you kept yourself from totally filling the car down in SoCal!

  8. What a fantastic find !
    I love the Balinese carved stone wall. That one is a beauty and I could just imagine it covered with moss.
    Delish !

    Thanks for the tour and the 'must visit tips.'

  9. Oh yes! wall + moss. I'm on the lookout for something this year that can serve as a reasonable facsimile of one of those bromeliads. I'm sure that's what's missing.

  10. I must find that store! Great pic.'s, thanks...

  11. Grace, and now I have plenty of witnesses to the admission of your thieving ways!

    Lauren, yep! You and me both sister! How did Saturday's event go?

    ricki, do it! Your t-shirts would be a hit for sure.

    Karen, you have planted a seed of a thought here. Oh my but that could be COOL! There would be blooming agaves too of course!!!

    jodi, me too! It's nice to dream though isn't it? It's cheaper for us that way.

    susie, don't stop there, you deserve the whole thing don't you?

    Jane, actually it was easy. The car is a Scion XA, small...very small. Only a Smart-car or Mini Cooper could have had less hauling capacity. I think the husband was relieved about that.

    DD Michelle, I can't wait for your tour of the open gardens!

    Megan, I'm failing in love with so many bromeliads these days. It's a little frightening!

    Dirty Girl, when you find it what will you buy first?


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