Monday, January 4, 2010

danger garden at ground level

Give your camera to someone else and it’s surprising what you get back! Back on December 20th my husband set out with the camera and a list of plants that I was curious about. Had the cold proven too much for them? Were the leaves mush or were they looking stellar? I had to know and since I couldn’t get out there myself he volunteered to be my eyes. He was gone a long time.
Turns out he was having fun capturing the garden from an insect’s point of view. Pretty amazing pictures huh?
I think this one might be my favorite, I love the layers!
Normally this time of year I’m dying to get out there and trim back the Hydrangea as it’s looking ghastly, but he managed to capture its lingering beauty.
Maybe I’ll just start handing the camera over to others more often, so I can see what they see in the danger garden.


  1. Wow! He's got great eye! Gorgeous photos.

  2. Nice job, Jr. Danger Garden!
    Loree, it's great you have a partner who does such a fabulous job of supporting your avocation. And the plants look gorgeous from his insect-level perspective.

  3. Nice, nice! I feel like I just spent some time sneaking through your garden.

  4. Garden is looking great, and I love the alternative perspective! We just get in habits of seeing that are hard to break out of sometimes. Glad to get a reminder to get down on a bug's eye level sometimes for a change!

  5. One of the most entertaining endeavors is to get the opportunity to view the garden through a second set of eyes. Its truly amazing what they discover that your eye glazed over for the entire season. Fabulous shots!

  6. Nice shots, you should enter one in the Gardening Gone Wild photo contest this month. My pick would be #8 with the berries hanging over the brown leaf, really pretty.

  7. Kudos to hubby, Loree. I'm sorry you couldn't be out and about yourself. They're all great photos but my favorite is the tuft of black mondo with the red sedums and green hens and a tan colored stick to tie it all together. Sweet.

  8. He's a good photographer. I always like to see the pictures that show up when Justin has picked up my camera too. Funny how there's such a signature style when looking through the lens.

  9. That's a magnificent set of images. Sweet, sweet work hubby!

  10. Aww, how sweet of him. The pics are lovely. He has a good eye and got a unique perspective. Your plants look great too.

  11. Greensparrow, he does! I'm lucky!

    Jane, yep it really does make those nursery shopping trips ($$$) better when he enjoys the plants too!

    K&V, funny I know what you mean!

    Karen, exactly. Seeing these images made me wonder what else others might see. Careful, if you even come down to Portland I might just but a camera in your hand!

    Teza, agreed! I can't wait to see more...

    Susie, uhm...that is a good idea, I might just do it!

    Grace, thank you! I've made it out a bit since. It's handy to have a hard-scape path for the crutches to trek on!

    Megan, does Justin ever venture into the garden with your camera?

    Jenn, He'll appreciate the kind words!

    Pam, thank you!

  12. Love these! It's just like his artwork! :)

  13. I love these pictures. Well captured.

  14. I'm liking this idea of sending a new photographer out into the garden from time to time. Fun to speculate where that might lead us in terms of design and plant combinations. Thanks for yet another great nudge in a new direction.


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