Thursday, January 21, 2010

Floral Art

Part of my continuing series on our October trip to California…
The windows of this amazing shop, Floral Art, in Venice, reached out and grabbed me, pulling me inside. They were using two of my favorite things, flax leaves and moss, in innovative and exciting ways.

Look at these mirrored frames filled with moss…
And the flax leaves! Flax leaves in vases
Flax leaves wrapped around tables
Cool huh? I’m not usually one for clear glass (or acrylic…which might as well be a swear word as far as I’m concerned) vases but the way the designers at Floral Art used them to display leaves definitely won me over.
And their glass spheres filled with Orchid blossoms, so pretty! Of course I would need all 3…
I really wish I could have taken these fun green planters home. They would be so happy on my patio this summer!


  1. Hi Loree~~ Holy S..... I mean Acrylic!! :) I agree. Typically just tacky, it is put to good use here. Those flax leaves with the stone top dressing. Nice. Nice orchids and I wouldn't mind those pots either.

  2. Cool shop. That top pic of their card is almost the same color I just painted my front door.

  3. I love these moss hangings. I wonder how much moisture is needed to keep them looking so lush.

  4. Ooooh, yummy! I missed Venice on my LA trip.
    Thanks for sharing these delectable images. Makes me feel crafty, like I should take time out today to arrange something cool for indoors.
    Lord knows, it's lookin' like yet another soggy day, with almost no break in the forecast for the week ahead!!

  5. Grace, I'm glad I'm not the only acrylic snob out there!

    Pam!!!! I want to see a picture! What a great front door color. Naturally I want to paint mine green too, someday.

    Matti, good question. I bet an every other day misting is in order.

    BATGT, crafty is good right? Glad I could provide a little inspiration. Just stay dry if you do dart outside for a bit. Another week? I had no idea, I thought you all were supposed to get back to normal this weekend!

  6. Can't remember the name of the shop that inhabited the Garden Fever space before, but they had very much this aesthetic. I LOVED it, but I guess it was a little too cutting edge for PDX.

  7. ricki, I think it was 'poppy box'? Does that sound right? That shop was before my time as a Portlander but I've certainly heard a lot about it. Wish I could travel back in time to see what they were all about!

  8. Green is a perfect door color for a gardener, isn't it, Loree? I just finished scraping stray paint off the windows today. Need to paint the porch bench next. And maybe get a fun throw pillow for it. Pics soon!

  9. I am so glad I dropped by today :-D Else I would miss this good post. Those works are unique. I also like that cut palm leaf in that flat clear glass! So creative. Thanks for introducing. Have a wonderful weekend.


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