Friday, April 14, 2023

Upcycle and Plant, April 22nd at The Other Plant Sale

Upcycle and Plant is back and will be at The Other Plant Sale, hosted by The Other Side Nursery. This is gonna be a super fun event with tons of plant vendors and like-minded businesses. Join us at 458 SE 185th, Portland, Oregon, from 10am - 5pm, on April 22nd—just a week away!. Here's what I'll be selling...

Agave victoriae-reginae 'Porcupine' dish planter $65 

By now you know I love a dish planting, and I've put together three very different offerings for this sale. This one is simple, just an Agave victoriae-reginae 'Porcupine'. The planter measures 12" at it's widest and is 11" tall to the tip top spike. The base is separate from the dish and there is a drainage hole. 

The agave is spiky perfection and the markings on the plant pop! with the rusty colored dish at it's base.

Dungeness dish planting $55

I call this succulent bowl Dungeness, due to my ongoing love for Derek Jarman's garden at the seaside in Dungeness, Kent. It measures 12” wide 11” tall including the plants. Again the the base is separate from the dish and there is a drainage hole. Plants include Senecio haworthii, Echeveria setosa 'Arrow' and a couple NoID stapelia.

A few of the echeveria are fixing to bloom and I suspect the stapelia may be as well, although I'm not 100% sure.

Desert devil cactus dish planter $80

I'm super excited about this one, as it includes one of Andrew's carved devil figures hanging out with some fabulously spiky cactus.

Some of you might remember Andrew's artwork from prior blog posts, he's returned to making and is actively selling online with Saatchi Art. I asked if he'd make a figure for one of my dish planters and he obliged. This dish planting measures 15” wide and 11” tall. It also has a base that is a separate piece and includes a drainage hole.

The devil itself is painted carved wood and is secured with a copper wire.

I love how the rusty metal plays with the dark cactus spines.

I've also included another favorite, pickaxe planters! Nothing says danger garden quite like a pickaxe filled with spikes...

Agave fililera (thread agave) pickaxe planter $40

This one measures 21” long and 6” tall.

Variegated Agave victoria-reginae pickaxe planter $40

Also 21” long and 6” tall.

Red-spined cactus pickaxe planter $40

This one is 16” long, 8” tall.

Each of these has a mesh screen bottom to the planting pocket to keep the soil in and let the water drain away.

Tillandsia pedestal with Aloe dorotheae cutting $15

I've been using a pedestal like this as a tillandsia perch, but I also love it for letting cuttings callous over before planting, like this bit of Aloe dorotheae.

Aloe dorotheae goes from shades of chocolate, on through green, and into orange. It's a good one.

Bromeliad grille $65

This mounted design measures 16.75” sq and is designed to be hung on a fence or some other surface that you don't mind spraying with a hose in the summertime, or having damp moss be in contact with.

There are five bromeliads—all neoregelia—and a few tillandsia mounted against a screen and secured with wire and moss. I have built numerous plantings like this, I keep them outside in the summertime where I spray them down every once and awhile, and then bring them indoors when temperatures drop in the autumn. 

Keeping water in the bromeliad cups and misting it regularly keeps it all alive until spring when it can go outside again. Alternatively you could also treat this as a summer fling and sing Que sera, sera....
Speaking of a summertime fling, I decided to go with that and pulled a few summery things from my vintage ceramics collection and filled them with favorite plants.

Chartreuse planter with neoregelia and cryptanthus $30

The planter (5" square) is labeled Maddux of California No 109 and I planted it up with a Neoregelia ‘Cotton Candy’ and a couple NOID cryptanthus and moss. 

A.C. Davey Ceramics from California vase $10

I've hung onto this vase (7" tall) forever because I love it's curvy flair...

And that little green flower. It's probably time to pass it along however, and it's style definitely works with the other things on offer here. There will be a garden-fresh arrangement in it the morning of the sale, actual contents tbd.

Royal Copley planter with rooted epiphyllum cuttings $20

Royal Copley planters are near and dear to my heart, this one measures 4.75” wide, 3.5” deep, and is 7.25” tall with the plants. 

Golden barrels in golden urns $20 ea/$35 pair

I've pictured Echinocactus grusonii in these sweet little yellow urns FOREVER! I finally did it, only to offer them up for sale, what can I say—I just don't have a good place for them in my house. The urns are 4.5” tall without the plants. 
Buy one, or—pretty please—buy both, they're meant to be together. Spiky!

So that—along with copies of my book Fearless Gardening for $20—is what I'll be selling at The Other Plant Sale. If you're interested in any of these containers they will be available on the 22nd and I'll be taking cash, check or Venmo (no credit card reader). If they don't sell there, then I'll be happy to follow up with anyone who emails me (spiky plants at gmail dot com) or comments on this post. Hope to see you there—it's free to attend and there is no charge for parking!

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  1. Beautiful creations, Loree. Your up-cycling and eye for design are superb and inspiring. Thrilled to see Andrews contribution: I've always loved his creations, demonstrating imagination, patience and humor.
    I am certain you'll sell out in no time.

  2. TOO GOOD. the devil cactus dish is to die for. wow. safe to say: genius!

    1. Genius eh? I'm thinking YOU need a weekend in Portland and to swing by The Other Plant Sale and make the devil cactus dish yours!

  3. I know I sound like a broken record, but these are phenomenal. Every one is a piece of art. If these don't sell, I'll lose all faith in the Portland plant community.

    P.S. My favorite is the first one. Simple and yet perfect.

    1. Well here's hoping your faith in the Portland plant Community is not misplaced!

    2. Really well! All I brought home was the variegated Agave victoriae-reginae pick-axe. I guess that means it was meant to be mine.

  4. How I wish I could attend! I love each and every one of your creations, Loree. And now I'm going to go look up Royal Copley pottery on Etsy ;)

    1. As you might be able to guess I am not a fan of the cutesy Royal Copley—but surely some of the black and white or green and brown leafy patters must look familiar to you from mantel displays?

  5. Fun! Your dish plantings are amazing! I need to divide and add to my three succulent pot/dish plantings.

  6. Gorgeous, I really love the dish plantings!

  7. Love these! Particularly the bowls/pedestals, wall piece and green vintage planter. And I also collect vintage planters. Do you drill holes in the vintage pieces? Or, how do you handle the watering? I've drilled a few that are dime-a-dozen (I use ones with chips/heavy staining to drill, not the perfect ones) but am a little concerned about drainage without holes and would appreciate any tips?

    1. I did not drill holes in any of these vintage pottery pieces, simply because I didn't want to ruin the value for anyone who was interested in the pottery. I have a few that I have planted up with no holes and I am just careful not to overwater.

  8. Jeanne DeBenedetti KeyesApril 17, 2023

    Gorgeous combo of plants and wonderful rusty metal pieces, Lore!. Now, I am inspired to create a few of my own with a few of the metal pieces lying around the garden. I would be happy to welcome one of the dish gardens home. Are any of them spoken for?

    1. You should definitely create a a few of your own! So far nobody has put a claim on any of the dish planters. Are you thinking of coming to the sale?

    2. Yes, I'll be there. Can't wait to see what goodies will be available. I would love to claim the agave dish garden but one of the other two would be amazing too. Do the cactus in the devil garden need to be brought into a shed or something?

    3. Yes! All of the planters are to be treated as houseplants during the off-season. Or as Ann calls them, "patio plants"... summer vacation outdoors.

    4. Jeanne DeBenedetti KeyesApril 18, 2023

      Good to know. Thanks, Loree!

  9. I am planning on being there. I need a copy of that dangerous book. I like that the pickax planters give us multiple ways to embrace danger in the garden.

    1. Everyone needs a pickaxe planter in case of the zombie apocalypse! Look forward to seeing you!


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