Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Fun in the Osterling Alessandrini garden

When I started this garden tour on Monday I promised a post full of fun photos today; we begin with a bit of perfectly placed garden art. Of course what I loved best is her mossy wig.

Chairs fit for a hosta kingdom.

Oh the patterns on that foliage!

Somewhere along the line I read what those red cubes were in their previous life, but of course now I can't remember. Something from a department store?

Notice anything a little "disturbing" about one of the chairs?

It has arms!

I wonder if he realizes he left them behind?

Oh, there's somebody else over there...

She's garden party ready.

Her date and his under-dressed friend?

Ike? No, Mike!

I love seeing a gardener's pot stash, well...make that a container stash...
These interesting pieces were piled outside the door to the creative studio on the property...

Which was open during the Study Weekend event; we were allowed to walk through this abundance of cool things... 

Yes Ram Studio is the name.

Making things out of things is the game. There appears to be a great deal of collecting going on as well.

Back out in the garden now. I shared this corner in Monday's post, but wanted to show a close up of... 

The tractor sprinklers! My grandparents had one of these, I didn't realize they were still available.

Plough discs as roofs...

I like the patterned backdrop behind the red glider.

And I am wondering what use lies ahead for these items. They look like giant light fixtures, perhaps they'll be planters?

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  1. These guys must stay up nights thinking of projects.

  2. Very creative! Those displays would be fun to happen upon when touring a garden. Looking at the contents of the studio, I'd speculate that R&M like to shop at going-out-of-business sales. The red blocks made the "Broadway" name pop into my head but they might have come from May Company...I loved the garden party-ready mannequin.

  3. Seeing this eclectic collection and imaginative garden art, I can't help but think of the Outlaw Gardener! Being in a studio like this, surrounded by all these things must encourage creative juices.
    That patterned backdrop is amazing!

    1. Oh yes definitely! Peter... we miss you!

  4. They have a Frank Lloyd Wright Sprite! (top sculpture) And possibly some other pieces under those rusty disks you liked. You can never go wrong with a bit of FLW tucked in somewhere. What a fun garden. Love their creativity!

  5. Jeanne DeBenedetti KeyesApril 19, 2023

    Wow! That shed is a treasure grove. Very cool stuff.

    1. Seriously. I tried not to look to close in case I fell in love with something.

  6. I have nothing to say except ... I'm in love!

  7. Someone sure knows how to shop for cool stuff, but what really caught my eye was the gorgeous Hosta foliage and the glorious Hakone grass edging the stairs. Such happy happy plants!

  8. Gorgeous garden. Lots of really interesting 'found' items being put to use. Really like the hanging stump.

  9. My favorite mannequin was the black one, hand on hip, dressed in the fabulous plant ensemble. I think having mannequins in my own garden would put me on edge - periodically seeing someone standing there out of the corner of my eye, the constant startle reflex... And, the blue arms on the chair would be a hard NO from me - I am surprised by how visceral my reaction is - they squick me out a lot! Bold, fun, colorful choices, though, and that shop would be a lot of fun to explore. They've done a fantastic job and obviously had a grand time doing it.


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