Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Returning to La Conchita, California—Part Two

When I posted Part One of my November '21 drive through La Conchita I promised to share the rest of my photos soon. A month and a half later, here we go...

Starting with, street-side agaves backed by a gorgeous tree-sized brugmansia.

Such a great assortment! Is that a Araucaria heterophylla at the rear?

I want a beach-ball shaped Agave victoriae-reginae.

And waterfalls of aeonium.

A parting shot of this garden before we move on...

I believe this one was right next door.

Such a colorful stressed and spidery aloe.

This garden was simple but so effective in it's restrained plant palette.


As I was snapping photos here I became aware of a neighbor watching me. Hoping to calm his concern I mentioned I was a plant-lover visiting from Portland, just out to capture photos of as many of the exuberant plant-filled gardens as I could. Turns out he and his wife had recently moved from Portland to La Conchita, lucky man!

Beaucarnea recurvata, something you will not see in a garden in Portland.

I loved this old bus.

Then I saw it's name, perfect.

That must have been some wind, to blow a canoe up into the tree stump! Actually I remember this garden from my first stop in La Conchita way back in 2019, with Gerhard. Good to see it's still fabulous.


I can't imagine how old this guy must be, or how much it must weigh.

Oh my. Getting out of that car must be a treacherous maneuver.

A fabulous vintage mobile home to go with the vintage bus I shared earlier.

Are you getting the idea this place is full of personality? 

Finally a freeway-side garden at the end of a street, tended by some gardening resident(s).

Here's a better shot, where you can see the cars zipping by on U.S. Route 101, the ocean lies just beyond.

I'll be back again someday La Conchita!

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  1. That restrained garden is an inspiration but I just can never seem to stop discovering something new that I want to plant.

  2. I'm so happy you took so many photos. What a unique community. I wouldn't want to live there because of the access issues, but I sure wouldn't mind knowing somebody who lives there so I could visit.

    1. I think I could deal with the access issues, but affording it is another matter...

  3. That was a fun tour! I was surprised by how much I loved the palm/Euphorbia/feather grass combination. On your way, did you see the giant red stiletto show off the northbound side of the 101 freeway? I think it's just a little south of La Conchita.

    1. I missed the stiletto in person, but just caught up with it online. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  4. Looks like the ideal climate for gardening. Looks like the residents agree!

    1. It almost seems like you have to be a gardener to live in La Conchita.

  5. Amazed it is still funky-charming, and not yet bought up to be 3k per night AirBnB's. Maybe next year?

    1. Yikes, hope not. Although it is because of an AirBNB that I discovered it's funky charm.

  6. The plant opportunities in a warmer climate seem vast and enviable...
    That freeway side garden is quite fabulous: one of the better gurrila gardnes I'v seen.

  7. WOW!!! I have a little 2' Beaucarnea recurvata at home. What a beauty that big one is! Makes me wonder how big mine can get :D


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