Friday, April 8, 2022

Agaves; a talk by Jeff Moore

Calling all agave lovers! Coming up on April 23rd there will be a spiky talk on agaves by SoCal author Jeff Moore, presented by the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon—info here.

This talk will be on Zoom, as they have all been for the last two years—but it will also feature a small local gathering at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub on Hawthorne, open only to HPSO members. Click here for more info and to register. Pro-tip: for those attending the in-person event, the Lucky Lab is VERY close to Xera Plants, should you feel the need to shop for plants post-gathering.

My friend Gerhard (Succulents and More) contributed several photos to Jeff's latest book and wrote a detailed blog post about it here.

Gerhard gave me permission to borrow these page spreads from his blog. Since I haven't seen the book in person yet I think they'll do nicely... 
From Agaves: Species, Cultivars & Hybrids by Jeff Moore

Agave ovatifolia...
From Agaves: Species, Cultivars & Hybrids by Jeff Moore

Agave montana
From Agaves: Species, Cultivars & Hybrids by Jeff Moore

Locals may remember Lance Wright's Agave montana (Monte) that bloomed in the early days of COVID lockdown...

Monte became quite the local celebrity and has a two-page spread in Jeff's book.
Cistus Nursery has gown on Monte's seed, which are now tiny babies, and they've donated four of them which will be given away at the in-person gathering for Jeff's talk.

Aren't they cute? Again here is the link with more info and to register for the Zoom webinar, or in-person event. Only those attending the in-person talk will be eligible to win a baby Monte. I hope to see you there!

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  1. I'm shocked you don't have the book yet, Loree! It's made for an Agave-phile like you ;)

    1. I'm waiting to buy an autographed copy from Jeff in person.


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