Monday, April 18, 2022

Escape to the beach...

Sometimes you need to give into the urge to run away from your troubles...
That's just what Andrew and I did last weekend. 

We didn't run far, just to the beach, the Oregon coast. We also didn't run to a luxurious resort that would tend to our every desire, instead we went old-school.

The weather was supposed to be stormy, so our main desire was a room with a view, an ocean view that is. Somewhere we could be warm and dry, but enjoy the surf. Well, we got that view, but also got abundant sunshine, it was absolute heaven.

A reminder of what we'd just dealt with earlier in the week (snow) to the north.

There wasn't much ocean flora washed up on the beach, but when I went to take a photo of this particularly nice clump it had me thinking of the moss I photograph on our forest adventures.

Well, there was snow in Portland in April, so why not a Christmas tree on the beach in April?

Dried kelp and broken sand dollar decorations.

I love checking out the local architecture wherever I visit.

There was a brutalist-style development under construction in the suburbs.

Pyramids and giant toilets, closer in.

That's a good-looking wall, don't you think?

Dogs love the beach.

Loree loves the warm sun.

It may have only been 50-degrees, but nestled up in the rocks it felt plenty warm to me.

I'm one of those people who can't help but fill my pockets walking on the beach. The picking weren't great this time, but three of these items came home with me, the rest were tossed back into the sand.

Our next door neighbors.

Of course I had to do a little exploring of the gardens nearby.

Yep, another one of those signs telling me what I can and can't do.

There were some sizable Cordyline australis in the area, I didn't manage to snap any photos of the really big ones.

Just this one in a front garden.

An empty lot had me dreaming maybe Andrew and I needed to make a sea-side investment?

Speaking of Andrew, he brought the supplies needed to let his mind wander a bit.

I love the colors he chose for the yucca patch.

Picking up dinner (seafood of course) I spotted Troxel's Rock Garden and Mini Golf.

Rocks available for purchase...

Pick some rocks, pay the box!

Mini-golf will run you $3, and yes... it's a Wizard of Oz theme.

We didn't take the time to play a round, instead took our yummy dinner back to the room and then went out to take in our final beach sunset. We'd spotted a heron on the beach the previous evening, and suddenly here he was with us at the water's edge.

He seemed to enjoy his dinner too, although he worked a little harder for it than we did.

Yep, that's just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. That was fun! The sunset photos with the cooperative heron are splendid but I appreciated your critique of the local architecture as well. I'm glad you enjoyed your brief getaway.

    1. As we were packing up the car Andrew turned to me and said "let's stay a couple more days..." So tempting!

  2. That looks just about perfect. Loved all the sandy creations. And fun to see Andrew who is usually off camera.

    1. Or if he is on camera he's hauling or building something! Ya, it was nice to capture him lost in creative thought.

  3. Looks like it was a good time! Cool drawing, and great photos, too.

  4. Yes to the ocean view . That's always my priority when I stay in a seaside town-private balcony with ocean view and a microwave so I don't have to buy dinner. I'd rather spend the $$ on the room.Might have to put the old school motel on my punch list.

  5. Great beach off the beatten path; old school is the way to go and beach combing is the thing to do. Waiting for Andrew's art to be online. So charming, I love it.

  6. Such great photos! And I love Andrew's sketch!

  7. I live on the east coast (10km from the water) and these pics definitely make me feel the call of the ocean <3


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