Thursday, April 22, 2021

It's not a competition but...

If someone asked you what the smallest plant in your garden, or even in your houseplant collection was, would you immediately know the answer? I would. 

Last week I soaked my tillandsia, and this one, which is a fairly new purchase, happened to come with a piece of Tillandsia usneoides attached to the base.

I didn't really think much of it until that bit separated during the sink soak...

 ...and I noticed a tiny little tillandsia attached to it...

Here's a better photo of the tiny plant.

It's the size of Lincoln's face.

I decided it would be interesting to photograph with my iPhone magnifying attachment. Those are the filaments that attach it to the Tillandsia usneoides.

And in this photo you can see scales on the small tillandsia itself. Pretty cool!

So that's my smallest plant, what's yours?
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Weather Diary, April 21: Hi 78, Low 47/ Precip 0 

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  1. Amazing photo! Would it be a challenge keeping it alive and growing? Should do an annual "birthday photo" of this baby to track its development.

    1. It will be a challenge for me, it's so small I might forget about it!

  2. It is wonderful ! Excellent photography .

    1. Thanks! Amazing what a photo camera can capture, even an antique phone like mine! (iPhone 7)

  3. That's pretty cute! At present, I'd say my smallest plants (plural) are seedlings of my Majorcan peony. I've been monitoring them closely, waiting for them to get a bit bigger before I try moving them to their own pots but their growth is veeery slow. But then they also took more than 6 months just to germinate.

  4. As usual Loree, amazing! And you got a "three-fer" (3 plants for the price of one)!! ;>

    The smallest plants in my collection are, hands-down, the Utricularia (Bladderworts), which pop-up all over the place.

  5. Cool pictures! What a cutie of a Tilly. May it grow and thrive.

    There's a weird little weed that grows in the DG out back. I can't tell what it is because I can barely see it, ha ha!

  6. Unfortunately my tiniest -unintended- plant is mold. But I have some very small pelargonium species, with leave about the size of a half penny. Indoors only.

  7. The primula maximowiczii seedlings I picked up yesterday. It is going to be quite some time before they live up to their name. Your tiny plant is amazing. Love it on Lincoln for scale.


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