Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday Vignette; a warning and words to live by

First the warning...

I've seen a few folks post this graphic (words/image) on a door mat version. I suppose that makes more sense—warning visitors about what they'll find inside. But first I saw it on a dish towel and had to have it.

This second one was my favorite of the two, well, until I got it home and realized when I threw the towel over the oven door handle you couldn't even see the best part...

This! Words to live by...

Weather Diary, April 13: Hi 67, Low 38/ Precip 0 

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  1. Second towel is definitely better only for that fact it doesn't say 'life is short. LIKE, buy the plant'. Otherwise, those are fabulous (no words are necessary).

  2. Love them especially the philosophy expressed on the second.

  3. "Life is short, buy the plant." Indeed.

    I'll remember that every time I go to the nursery. ;>

  4. Those are so cool.

  5. Definitely made for you, Loree!

  6. I want these. I will find them!!!


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