Friday, April 30, 2021

April photos from my phone, the foliage

Yesterday it was all about the April flowers, today... it's time for the foliage. Photos randomly snapped with my phone as I moved about the garden. We'll start with an Agave americana 'Variegata' as it gets kind of intimate with Paeonia 'Smith Opus'.

New foliage on Mahonia gracilipes.

I was sure Astelia  'Silver Shadow' was a goner after our week of winter in February, but no! 

This saxifraga sends me, in a good way. Soil? We don't need no sticking soil! Maybe a quarter of this plant actually has it's roots in the ground, everything else is growing right over concrete.

I think it's Saxifraga 'Primuloides'.

Impatiens omeiana

Schefflera brevipedunculata, new foliage.

Syneilesis aconitifolia with Podophyllum 'Red Panda'.

Syneilesis aconitifolia with Epimedium wushanense 'Spiny Leaf Form'.

Daphniphyllum macropodum subsp. humile

And the variegated version...

Foliage is slow to emerge on the variegated gingko, but here it is!

Akebia longeracemosa 'Victor's Secret', the foliage looks much larger here than it actually is.

The containers that overwintered in the shade pavilion greenhouse are all out on the patio now. They're much easier to acclimate to the sun than the ones in the basement. Here's my Pseudopanax ferox.

Mahonia x media 'Marvel'

Quercus dentata 'Pinnatifida'

Persicaria microcephala ‘Red Dragon’ and Comptonia peregrina.

Syneilesis aconitifolia with Adiantum venustum and Adiantum x tracyi.

Podophyllum peltatum and Adiantum venustum.

More of the above, with a couple of dish planters.

Adiantum aleuticum (Western maidenhair fern) and Veratrum californicum (false hellebore).

The new fronds of Blechnum penna-marina have a nice copper/red-tinge to them.

As do the new leaves of Mahonia eurybracteata 'Indianola Silver'.

But the new fronds of Woodwardia unigemmata, the jeweled chain fern, win that contest hands down.

Every. Damn. Time.

Just a couple more. The usually dramatic patterns on the "leaves" of Agave 'Baccarat' are even more dramatic here...

And the dark foliage of Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' is always a show-stopper.

Weather Diary, April 29: Hi 81, Low 49/ Precip 0 

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  1. Impatiens omeiana: Very pretty. Never heard of ths variety but I may have to look for one...

  2. Podophyllum with adiantum is just so good. That says it all about your zone. And with the veratrum too...leaves, wonderful leaves!

    1. That podophyllum and the veratrum will go dormant when summer comes around. The adiantum just keeps on going...

  3. Nary a bloom in sight but absolutely gorgeous. Variegated gingko, ooh!

    1. Who needs flowers!? (well I guess we all do... sometimes)

  4. I'm rejoiced with so much green everywhere. Astelia 'Silver Shadow' is fantastic, as if I see it for the very first time (but I'm sure you featured it before). The variegated Daphniphyllum is wonderful and Woodwardia unigemmata is indeed a jewel: I grow it in my own garden and it stops me in my tracks every time I walk by.

    1. The color on Woodwardia unigemmata this time of year just doesn't seem real!

  5. Every single photo provided an opportunity to marvel, Loree, which prompts me to mention that I think I need to try planting additional Mahonias. I loved your peony foliage too - the plant is very dramatic and well named. I should have photographed the early foliage of my Itoh peony while it was at its pinky best because I don't think I'll ever get a flower from it.

    1. No flowers from your peony!? I am sorry. And yes, more mahonia... there are so many good ones.

  6. It's not often that foliage outranks flowers for me, but this post is one of those exceptions - gorgeous textures/colors!

  7. What a heavenly display of plantings! It is magical! No flowers needed! You are so lucky to live where you do!


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