Tuesday, April 27, 2021

On the way to the beach...

I thought about calling this post "15 Minutes in Eugene"—because the time that elapsed between my taking my first and last photos in this post was only 15 minutes. Eugene, Oregon, was a quick stop on the way to the beach, planned so Andrew had a chance to visit a favorite bookstore. So while he shopped I took a little jaunt over McMenamins High Street...

If you've read this blog for any length of time you know McMenamins brew pubs have interesting gardens, this one was very small, but had some nice plants. Contorted filbert and phormium make an interesting combination.

I have no idea what this is, but it made a nice ground cover.

I can't think of what this might be besides a daphniphyllum, but it's just different enough from my plants to give me pause.

There were several, all small, growing in barrels.

Another close up.

Also in the barrels, Eryngium venustum

It was mid afternoon, and chilly, still I was surprised there was nobody taking advantage of their outdoor seating.

I discovered even more in back, also empty with the exception of a lone table that I didn't photograph.

Walking back to check out a carving I saw while looking for the McMenamins, I passed this street-side sculpture.

And here's the carving...

There was a lot going on! 

Even a bench, although I think I would be a little nervous to sit there. I mean they notch trees kind of like that before they fall...

Finally, am I the only one who thinks the bear looks like it wants to play, whereas the fish knows things are NOT looking good for him?

Weather Diary, April 26: Hi 59, Low 46/ Precip .03 

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  1. Contorted filbert catkins look cool and unexpected with the phormium. Very nice!
    The carved bark is amazing, and I agree with your observation regarding the bench. I would like to see that stump covered with moss, lichen, small fern... to the point the bark is just added texture in a grand tapestry.

  2. Much as I appreciated your photos of the McMenamin's site, I loved that remarkable tree with its intricate and fanciful carvings (although I don't think I'd have sat on that bench either). You did well with your brief break in Eugene.

  3. Gorgeous carvings. McMenamins does some really interesting things in their gardens.

  4. I wonder if that ground cover might be Comfrey.

    1. You're right. It is one of the low spreading comfrey types. I'm not certain from the picture which species/cultivar it is though.


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