Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Sebright Gardens...yes, there are gardens

So after shopping at Sebright I had to wander the display gardens, I started near that glorious stand of bamboo...

Oh man! Clianthus puniceus such a cool plant, sadly it's not reliably hardy here.

I was lucky enough to have one grow to blooming size in my garden, before a brutally cold winter struck it down.

Cardiocrinum giganteum, the giant Himalayan lily. This one looks like it might just bloom later this year (?).

There's an entire field of them (sort of)...

Akebia vine

And flower close up...

Ah... they've got a variegated Daphniphyllum!

Stachyurus praecox

The emerging tips of this hosta had the most intriguing/other-worldly coloration.

And the gunnera and Onoclea sensibilis (the sensitive fern) patch is always mysterious.

Magnolia maudiae

Right after I took the photo of the the magnolia blooms I ran into Thomas, one of the owners, and we had a lovely chat, he then led Andrew and I on a walk through the undeveloped parts of their property. This old maple tree was a must see, and I understand why.

He said you could stand up inside the base, I didn't try it, but I certainly believed him.

Another angle...

And the top of the tree.

There were countless patches of trillium, all beautiful.

All unique.

Over in the cultivated parts of the property some were being grown to sell.

The Wollemi pine, Wollemia nobilis.

More hostas!

Rohdea japonica 'Gunjaku'. Thomas has planted several rohdea in the newly expanded display garden. I'm beginning to feel a tug, but really don't need a new plant obsession.

This guy! An Aucuba omeiensis from Dan Hinkley

The leaves are huge! (WANT)

Finally we'll end with a Magnolia, M. 'Felix Jury', you can never—ever—have enough magnolias.

Weather Diary, Apr 13: Hi 68, Low 36/ Precip 0

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  1. Wow! Impressive as the nursery itself is, I'm overwhelmed by its gardens. That's one fabulous stand of bamboo, I tried to grow Clianthus here and also failed.

    1. So much more to see in person too, and it's a bit early in the spring for some of their ferns to be up.

  2. Road trip to Salen and environs is calling my name...if only...and when?

  3. Oh, thank you for showing some of the gardens! Last time I was there, I marveled at that bamboo. I'm pretty sure it's the same one I just relocated, Phyllostachys viridis 'Robert Young'. That one is in the perfect spot for the PNW, in full sun and surrounded by warm blacktop. Makes it rather more vigorous than average in our climate. I love Thomas' woodland tours. That maple must have started life on a stump which rotted away to form a cavity you can stand in. As big as that maple is, imagine the size of the tree that left the stump it grew on.

    1. That tree is magical, it was a very welcome bit of socializing with Thomas and Kirk.

  4. How have I missed this place ? Not to mention many others in Salem-Canby-Silverton etc. I am currently planning an itinerary for Plant Fest is Sept--hoping all this crap is over by then. A road trip up I5 and down 101. I haven't stayed in a hotel for months so the budget is un-used !

    1. It's a crime! Hope you make it there, and also to Secret Garden Growers.

  5. Great photos! I must go visit.

  6. WOW, Clianthus puniceus is one glorious looking vine, and the massive stump is impressive: nature's art!

    1. The flowers do make it look like a vine, don't they? But it's actually an awkward shrub.

  7. I loved the maple tree with ferns - a true hobbit home - ha! If I was a little kid, I'd make it my secret hangout, for sure.

  8. Clianthus? Clianthus??? Seriously, they can grow it there?

    1. Note I said "sadly it's not reliably hardy here"... if you get lucky and plant it during a series of mild winters you're fine. Also theirs was growing in a large container. Perhaps moved out of the greenhouse?


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