Thursday, August 1, 2019

More from McMenamins Edgefield

No visit to a McMenamins is complete without a walk around the garden, so of course I snapped some garden photos when I was there for the Cracked Pots event in early July.

I should have asked someone to stand near the Gunnera for scale. It's huge!

As was this fern, which I think may be Onoclea sensibilis.

The last time I grew Ipomoea lobata (firecracker vine) it only made leaves, no firecrackers. Maybe it's time I try again.

Honestly I'm not sure why I took this photo of the shelter framework, but I included it to show all the people mingling about just beyond, shopping the artist's wares.

I photograph these every year. What can I say, they capture my imagination.

Check out that short mound, to the right of the flat rock and to the left of the Hebe ochracea.

It's Ozothamnus coralloides and I'm in love. I've seen it in nurseries but never really appreciated it until now.

Of course the hebe isn't bad either.

I wonder how the dudleya (bottom center) looks in the wintertime?

I'm also smitten with the green wall...

And the color echo of this Seseli gummiferum bloom and Agave americana medio picta 'Alba'.

Not to mention the stripped aeonium, which I visit every year.

Time to explore the veggie garden.

And the opuntia trough...

Although the opuntia have grown so much you can't see the trough any longer.

When I shared one of these images on Instagram, and commented on the interesting combination of opuntia and feather grass, I was told it's a common occurrence in nature.

Live and learn!

Weather Diary, July 31: Hi 87, Low 60/ Precip 0

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  1. I don't remember seeing those floating concrete tables before, but they're pretty cool (which is probably what I said in a forgotten comment in a previous post of yours about them). I like the Opuntia/feather grass combo very much, they look like people in grass skirts.

    1. Ya I love those "tables", which I just learned were actually livestock feeding troughs back in the day. "People in grass skirts"... that's good Alison!

  2. From the Gunnera (be still my heart) to the opuntia/feather grass combo, this garden is a gem. It's easy to see how the feathery seeds of the grass would get caught in the spines of the opuntia and germinate, to naturally create this unlikely and awesome combo. Best shot of the day: Seseli gummiferum bloom that look like little suns with green rays.
    BTW, Hebe ochracea seem to struggle in that concrete planter, it's a bit spindly.

    1. I've seen a few other Hebe ochracea looking like that, truth be told I rather like the sculptural look of it.

  3. It's a magnificent garden. I'm rather smitten with that green wall myself, although I can't imagine what maintenance challenges it poses. I loved the Seseli blooms in front of the agaves. I had Ozothamnus coralloides in my garden for a time but 2 plants died off and the third remained runty after 2+ years so I pulled it. Now I wish I'd given it more time.

    1. Interesting, your experience with Ozothamnus coralloides. I think I am going to have to try one.

  4. What a great place. I love to poke around other people's vegetable gardens to see what they are growing. I grew Ozothamnus as pot plant but unfortunately it died over the winter. Upside is even dead it still looks cool so I haven't removed it.

  5. I'm in love with the Semeli gummiferum - it's wonderful!

    1. Isn't it? Mine hasn't bloomed yet. Still waiting...

  6. Catching up with the last few days. Haven't watched the video yet but had to oooh and aaah about this garden. That green wall and those huge troughs are magnificent. What vision and scale. I'm not even going to talk about all the plants I can't grow!

  7. One of these years I'll get my act together and go to cracked pots. Your posts about it are always a treat. Love the opuntia/feather grass combination.


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