Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Quick stop on the way to the ferry...

To those that have stopped here before, this sign calls out loud and clear...Jungle Fever Nursery!

Back in November, when I visited DIG on Vashon, I had a rough idea of which ferry I hoped to catch from Pt Defiance (Tacoma) to the island. It's a tough calculation when you're leaving home some 145 miles away. I also hoped to arrive a little early, so I could stop at Jungle Fever. Thankfully the stars aligned and I was able to do just that.

This nursery holds a special place in my heart. It's a plant lovers paradise, of the sort that may be a dying breed. I try to always buy something whenever I stop, sadly my schedule and the fact there was a family with lots of questions kept me from doing so this time.

However that family appeared to be buying things so it wasn't all bad...

Ya, not all bad...

I couldn't tell if there was some sort of hole in the table where this mass-o-sedum was planted, or if it was just plopped on the table. Either way it appeared pretty darn happy.

I tend to think planter and pedestal need to match. This combination proves otherwise.

Solanum atropurpureum (Malevolence) — I've not seen it dried like this...

And still with fruit!

I guess there's no need for soap at this outdoor sink.

This! I love everything about it.

Before I left I took a quick walk up the sidewalk to check out the owner, Jerry's, personal garden.

It did not disappoint. It never disappoints.

I think the bamboo had recently been thinned.

And I love the rebar "corral"...

At the corner...


How many intersections have a corner this beautiful?

I have no idea what this is, it has the leaves of a Datura but the downward facing flowers of a Brugmansia...

This! It's "just" a neighborhood hellstrip...

I was focused on the Blue Atlas Cedar that's being trained along the rebar...and completely missed the green roof over the front porch. There's a Yucca up there!

More B.A.C. on rebar...

Finally there are these...I remember watching an Agave bloom here (via a "before" — and then an "after" visit), years ago. I wonder if one of these might its offspring?

Such perfection.

Okay, must go catch that ferry!

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  1. What a nursery! And there is nothing more wonderful than gardeners who plant hell strips or garden out front so others can enjoy their gardens. I've found so many great ideas in those kind of gardens. I've only seen a BAC once or twice in my life, so the idea of having them to train in my front garden is too much to think about!

    1. I think of all conifers as being extremely cold hardy, but your remark had me looking up the cold hardiness of BAC and I see it's only good to Zone 6. I guess that explains why I don't remember seeing them in Spokane, where I grew up.

  2. Ah, Jungle Fever. What a groovy nursery and garden! That may be Brugmansia sanguinea with yellow flowers. http://yaminacollectorsnursery.com.au/product/brugmansia-sanguinea-yellow-flowers/

    1. Thanks for the link and ID! It must be a pretty swell microclimate that Jerry is gardening in for that plant to be so big.

  3. Another great nursery. I don't think I'd ever have the (bowling) balls to drop heavy sphere into the middle of my Carex, but man, is that ever awesome! Love it.
    That Agave definitely is pure perfection in form and color. Sigh....

    1. Ah Tim, you had me laughing so hard at that comment!

  4. Unequivocally, the PNW has the BEST nurseries.

  5. Geez, it's been way too long since I was there. This spring for sure.

  6. Why are all the best nurseries in the Pacific Northwest? Although I guess living someplace that plants grow well has something to do with it. Still, I wish there were a few closer to me. All we have is the big orange store and a chain nursery, which, while nice, is nothing really unusual.

  7. Good planning means you CAN have it all!


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