Friday, September 2, 2016

Lotusland, back to the begining

I've shared our visit to Lotusland in a rather haphazard manner. First we shopped the gift shop, then we admired the Bromeliads and lastly we visited some huge blooming agaves none of which in the actual order they occurred. How about we go back to when we first arrived at the garden? It was July 20th...

Since we chose not to rent a car we arrived by cab, and were dropped off at the gate. That was fine with me as it gave me a chance to look around a bit.

That there Agave seemed as big as my current car (a mini SUV)...

Can you imagine how sad you would be if you didn't know reservations were required?

We're in! Looking back over my shoulder...

Doryanthes excelsa, Globe Spear Lily...I believe.

Sadly mostly done blooming.

Ceiba speciosa off in the distance.

There was a docent ending her shift who dragged us across the parking lot because she was so excited to show us this tree. I wish I could remember the name she used for it as it was charming. Something like "cotton fluff ball tree"...

Acacia stenophylla, Shoe-String Acacia

I've almost bought this one a couple of times, when I've seen it available locally. Problem is it's not hardy below 20/25F.

Pretty fabulous seed pods though!

Also in the parking lot was this beauty.

I asked the docent manning the entrance booth if she new what it was but she did not. Since visiting the Ruth Bancroft Garden earlier this week (luscious post yet to come) I've learned it's likely Brachychiton discolor x acerifolius (which grows at the RBG) or just plain old Brachychiton discolor.

The combination of those thick flowers and the seed pods...


And double wow...

Then again those little white seeds inside might send some of you over the edge.

They're bizarre, but cool...

Okay now we're about to enter the garden proper...first let's stop to admire the Xanthorrhoea bloom spike...

Heading in...

This entry was the one Madame Walska and her guests used, back in the day.

Looking back at where we just came from...

Before peeking out through the gate at a blooming's size hard to understand here but the plant alone was nearly 5ft tall...not counting the bloom spike.

Looking up the driveway bordered by Agave attenuata...

And back at the gate.

These severed stems were leaning up against a fence, slightly out of view (to all but the curious).

I wonder if they were to be replanted elsewhere or???

Walking on we entered a section bordered by palms and tree ferns, with shadows. I do love shadows.

Tree ferns!

We briefly tucked into the Japanese Garden, however since even as members our time at Lotusland is limited we didn't stay too long...

Just long enough to admire a huge Cycad...

And a few Lotus...

Before moving on...(to be continued, next up the Tropical Garden en route to the Cycad Garden)...

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  1. OMG, those seedpods. Crazy weird. Have you heard of trypophobia?

  2. Oh, never mind, you included a link to it....

  3. I visited Lotusland about 10 years ago and absolutely loved it. What a fabulous place, and what a great story behind it. Thanks for the photos!

  4. You could have done a post on those flowers and seedpods alone. You know you're in for some fun when the parking lot has attractions like this!

    1. Right? I think the gardeners are having fun with the parking lot - since I assume it's the only part of the garden then can change up.

  5. It's almost an alien world to me, and a fabulous one at that. I'm really enjoying the vicarious tour. Before I scrolled down, I thought you had sort of lost your mind, saying that the Brachychiton tree was a beauty. Looked dead to me, but low and behold: those flowers and seed pods-really wonderful. Have a great holiday weekend.

    1. I like to startle you all every once and while. Hope you have a great weekend too...

  6. What an amazing garden. I have always wanted to see the cycad collection.

  7. The blooms and seedpods are amazingas this entire garden! Oh girlfriend, why weren't we born rich instead of beautiful?

    1. Right? I was switched at birth, I know it.

  8. Man. Must go visit. How about that tree fern, the cycad and, well, everything. Wow. Man. Lucky Loree!

  9. I'm glad you got to see the lotus in bloom. Our local botanic garden also has one of those cotton puff ball trees - it really does grab your attention when the seedpods open.

    1. I bet it's pretty messy as they start to break apart.

  10. Why has is been so long since I've visited Lotusland ?? I look forward to all future posts from this visit !

  11. It is my dream to visit this. Thank you so much for this tour.

    1. It is such a special place, I hope you get the chance.

  12. Look what you did: we all need to seem to go there, or go back there, me included.

  13. I really want to visit this garden. Unfortunately, it is closed over the holidays and that seems to be the only time I get out the area.


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