Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday Vignette – Aeonium Challenge material?

Visiting a friend I saw these Aeoniums chillin on the wire...

I wonder if she's planning to enter the Aeonium Challenge? Are you?

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  1. Thinking. Plenty of Aeoniums, no sense of style...

    1. I do not for one second buy that. How can someone with a garden like yours claim to have no sense of style!?

  2. challenge-schmallenge. All I'm thinking about now is those cool, rusty wire insets in the structure! Love.

  3. They do create a conversation-starter. I don't have Aeoniums, but it sounds like an interesting challenge to follow!

  4. My aeoniums didn't respond well to the horrific heat here but I'm still thinking about ways to use them.

  5. So THAT'S how you keep them alive...!! I always kill mine - next time I'll try suspending them like that. ;)

  6. I was out in the greenhouse puttering around with succulents today and thinking about the challenge.


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