Monday, March 7, 2016

And the circle pot winner is...

There were many many entries to win a circle pot from Potted during The Water-Saving Garden book party and giveaway, but only one person could win...

And the winner is! Congrats DevilGardener and thanks to all that entered...

Name drawn by a distracted and disinterested husband. All material © 2009-2016 by Loree Bohl for danger garden. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited and just plain rude.


  1. This is so exciting! I have rarely won a contest, and this pot is a fabulous prize. The orange circle pot will help to keep the devil garden aflame in winter too. Thank you for hosting this contest. (I'll reply separately with shipping details.)

    1. Congrats D.G. Hey, you have the same initials as Danger. Should we just call you Satan for short?

    2. LOL, love it. But presumably Satan stays behind those gates of Hell, while I can come and go freely. Or maybe it doesn't work that way, not sure about the theology. I don't think of myself that way though, no more evil than the next person, this is just for fun. Satan is certainly not a nickname I would choose, but lucky devil does seem a little bit fitting, at least today.

    3. I'm going with Lucky Devil, I like the sound of it better. So did you buy a lottery ticket today too?


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