Monday, October 17, 2011

A Fabulous SW Portland Garden…

By now you’ve certainly realized that when I am face to face with a beautiful garden, camera in hand, I find it impossible to edit. Why should I deprive you of even a single beautiful leaf, spike, or plant combination? Such is the case with this amazing garden, I had so many photographs that I decided to break it into two posts; today we visit the front garden and tomorrow the private back garden. When you pull up in front of the house you are greeted by the scene above. As you enter the front courtyard this is your view… Unfortunately once again I visited this garden at a time of day that didn’t allow for spectacular photography, my apologies, hopefully the photos will still convey the magic of the space. Love the pavers! Once you’ve entered the garden if you look back over your right shoulder you see this… Those of you familiar with his work (and plant palette) may recognize that this garden was designed by plantsman extraordinaire Mr. Sean Hogan and most of the plants came from his nursery, Cistus. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these Yucca rostrata, suddenly ours seems so lonely, better to have a pair to keep each other company. On the other side of the entrance… In addition to the mark of Mr. Hogan this garden also reflects the style and plant lust of the owner. He moved in the summer of 2009, purchasing the house and lot primarily for its southern exposure and abundant light (lack of tree cover), as well as the fact that it was mostly a flat expanse of land. Having a previous garden on a hillside will do that to a person. Against the front of the house… And finally along the driveway… Tomorrow we go around back, you won’t want to miss it!


  1. The garden looks great. I really like the planting combinations and colours used.

    I notice that it is also a relatively young garden and I can imagine it is one of those gardens that will mature nicely over time.

    What is the tree/shrub with the brown/red bark and the silvery blue round leaves? I don't think I have seen something like that before.

    I like the silver-leaved Rhododendron. I know it is only indumentum and will fade over time, but they still look cool.

    Rhododendrons are something that I can grow reasonably well and funnily enough I was up at Glendoick garden centre (they have a good selection of Rhododendron) yesterday and I ummed and ahhed over one like that and ended up not getting it in the end, but looking at that picture I think the next time I go I will buy it!

  2. Very nice front gardens, your photos are just fine. The only thing missing is a place to sit on the porch to enjoy this beautiful view.

  3. I think the scenes are spectacular - the diversity and forms are so and cool! From you, "SW" in front of Portland actually means some "SW". Nice design he created and his client is maintaining!

  4. Too, too beautiful, with the promise of becoming ever more so. I'll be back to see how you answer Adam D's question...I wondered, too.

  5. Wow! You're killing me while I sit inside my office on this sunny day. I need names: Photo #19: what is this tree? Photo #21: name of shrub (I recognize it, but won't venture a guess). I'd love to stalk this garden! Very restrained planting - love it. - Lisa

  6. Just beautiful.

    The gorgeous arctostaphylos (Louis Edmonds?), the Yucca rostrada (yes, Loree, you do need a pair and so do I!) the planted and potted agaves and the grasses are just perfect. Plus the shade-loving rhody and other ferns add an unexpected touch.

    I could die and go to heaven here.

  7. Love the pots and the plants!!! Great choices and garden set up!

  8. Ha! I love the part about them wanting a flat plot after gardening on a slope...I hear that! The Arctostaphylos are especially stunning...that bark is amazing.

  9. Would love to know what the square pagers are. They don't look thick.

    Very inspirational.

  10. I can clearly see why you you rave about this garden so much, and I agree! Gorgeous plants and specimens! Makes me want to go out this weekend and buy another Yucca rostrata...

    Can't wait for the second part!

  11. Very nice, it would be a great garden here in San Antonio too.

    Look forward to the next installment.

  12. All, here are a few names straight from the designer/plant man himself Sean....The blue Arcto's are A, Viscida from the Rogue Valley, the tree near the front of the house is a cork oak (Q. suber) The red leaved shrub close up is Drimys lanceolata (taz pepper bush) The gray shrub on the opposite side of the drive is a pineapple guava (Feijoa [Acca] sellowiana) and the silvery leaf/dark stem close up is Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Silver Ruffles'....

    Adam, yes young and already beautiful...over time I can imagine it will become other worldly! I believe the tree/shrub you ask about is an Arctostaphylos (or Manzanita) this one A. Viscida. Glad to hear you will be returning to buy the Rhody!

    Darla, I think the owner has been working too hard to sit much, i' sure that will come with time!

    DD, I didn't even think about the "SW" part...great point!

    ricki, see above!

    Lisa, are you in Portland? You could stalk with permission if you were...and a HPSO member. See the top for identification.

    MulchMaid, you know just when I thought I had seen it all I'd turn and discover something new...such a beautiful place!

    Rohrerbot, agreed.

    Scott, have you got yours yet?

    Alamodestuff, I'll report back if I find out. They are An unusual shape perhaps poured in place?

    Mark and Gaz, maybe that can be your reward after you finish the pond? (another Y. Rostrata I mean)...

    Shirley, I visited San Antonio years ago, I would love to return and check out the gardens there.

    PVH, so true!

  13. And so tidy, for this time of year when leaves are falling all over the place. How wonderful. I love that shrub that Adam mentions... the Archtostaphylos.

  14. Beautiful. It looks almost as if it could be in Austin, with those xeric plants and the hip pavers set in gravel.


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