Thursday, September 8, 2011

The garden of Kate Farley

The second garden visit of Sunday on the GBF (after our morning visit to Lorene’s garden) was to that of Kate Farley. Since I wasn’t traveling with the group (on our comfortable tour buses) I had a hard time finding this garden, the house (and thus the house numbers) was almost completely hidden in the plantings! While I can assure you that there are plenty of fabulous plants in this garden the thing that really stands out in my memory is the many cement and stone features. These odd little balls on a curled stem were terribly cool. Anyone have a guess as to what they are? The dead, but left standing, tree had remarkable presence. Here are a few pictures of the garden proper, with its exuberant color… And guess what…there was a tree house! Love, love, love this light! It wouldn’t “work” in my garden but here in this garden it was perfection. As was the “potting shed” built behind the garage. Such a great space! It looked like it had been taken right out of a Martha Stewart Living photo shoot. The clear roof would make this a perfect space for overwintering tender plants. Even the driveway was a gardened space at Kate’s… ***a note for my Portland area readers! This Saturday Sept 10th and Sunday Sept 11th from 10 am to 3 pm is the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon fall plant sale…click here for more info…and go check it out, there will be a lot of cool plants!***


  1. The odd little balls on the curled stems are, I believe, cyclamen seed pods. One of the many, many, awesome things about cyclamen.

  2. I want a shed of my own.

  3. that place was a delight! i loved all the interesting concrete pieces, the garden shed, and you are right, that light was perfection!! i know it's overused, but that garden had a magical quality.

  4. Gode billeder.
    Tak for rundvisningen.

  5. Greensparrow, really!? I've never liked Cyclamen. Maybe I better be rethinking that.

    Bom, me too.

    Laguna, I wish I could have better captured the rock wall she had built, it was fabulous! Unfortunately the harsh shadows made it impossible to show well.

    Landbohaven, takk! (I think that is thank you?)

  6. Any time there is a treehouse involved, I am hooked.


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