Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Garden of Sean Hogan

How does the story go, the one about the cobbler’s children having no shoes? I think this could be said of many professions. The architect whose family lives in a fixer-upper… yet to be “fixed”, the artist with bare walls, but in this case Sean (the owner of Cistus Nursery) has a garden very much worth coveting.

If you’re driving down his street and catch a glimpse of the parking strip you know someone with serious plant credentials must live here. Those that regularly walk the sidewalk get an even better view. And for the truly lucky, the ones invited into the back garden, you work your way along the side… …and enter a jungle paradise! Do you see the chandelier above the chunky table and chairs? At night it lights these (and other) palm fronds and creates the most magical garden roof. More from the back garden... This is actually where I started photographing that evening, when I noticed how perfectly the fading sunshine was lighting a few of my favorite plants. Like spotlights saying “look at this one”… And this one! Do be sure to appreciate these leaves… And on...but unfortunately as I snapped pictures the lovely light faded and that was the end of my picture taking….time to set down at that chunky table and enjoy a glass of wine and some plant talk…


  1. What a great garden. Back is great with the relaxed jungle setting. But love the front best (unsurprisingly)

  2. That backyard dining area looks like tropical asia!! soo much character!

  3. What an amazing garden! I love that shot looking up through the palm fronds.

  4. Very lovely, reminds me of my garden, with the rock garden holding the succulents and courtyard with the "jungly garden" sharing many of the same plants.

  5. What could be better than a garden visit followed by a glass of wine in such a lovely setting. I had to take a second look at the bamboo. For a moment I thought they were native spears!

  6. It's so know when you walk by that someone who is REALLY into plants must own that house! I love how they made berms out of their parking strips...such a great idea!

  7. And aren't you glad to be one of the "truly lucky"? Wait: is it still luck if you have earned it?

  8. This is a really cool post and the design I'm going for in our own gardens here. That is really incredible stuff. The bamboo is beautiful as are the palms and yuccas....wonderfully put together in random yet connecting patterns.

  9. Gorgeous garden! I've seen pictures before but yours showed even more great stuff. Thanks for sharing. The garden is a treasure and so are you!

  10. Spiky O, yes true to your spiky character!

    Ann, yes'm

    Louis, good description.

    Allison, actually I found myself walking around looking up a lot in this garden.

    Nicole, still hoping to see pictures of your garden!

    Lancashire rose, I knew they reminded me of something!

    scott, yes you're right of course (about the berms), and I love them in a setting like this. The word just has such a "suburban lawn" sound to it. I've got to get over that!

    ricki, either way yes I am!

    Rohrerbot, well I'm glad to have posted these pictures to add a little more inspiration to your garden planning!

    Peter, I wish more of my pictures would have "turned out" there was so much more magic to see! Scott needs to get in there with his fancy pants camera and fabulous photo-eye!

  11. Lovely in that though it hosts desert plants and palms, the garden still manages to reflect the PNW.

    Must have been a lovely place to talk plants.


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