Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 2011, Bloomday

Glancing at the thumbnails of photos I took for this Bloomday post I thought “Wow…I have so many orange flowers!” Then I realized really I had about 30 pictures of my ginger blooms (Hedychium Tara), because I am mesmerized by them. I thought you might enjoy seeing their development so I’m cheating a bit here, going back to when they first started to push out and to the glorious flowers as they currently are. The Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' has never looked better. Having the brown house color to highlight the flowers (instead of dirty white peeling paint) seems to have encouraged it to produce more flowers! Water hyacinth Water Canna, Thalia dealbata I don’t suppose there is technically a bloom to be seen here but still it’s gorgeous. I thought I would hate the blooms of my Roscoea ‘Cinnamon Stick,’ turns out I actually like them. And I love the glowing read stems! I couldn’t stop photographing the Cardoon blooms… Salvia clevelandii 'alpine' Good ole Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum ‘Vera Jameson' Unknown Sempervivum Another unknown Sempervivum The spent blooms of Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla mollis)… …and Syneilesis. Eryngium yuccifolium, or Rattlesnake Master… …and Eryngium agavifolium are also past their prime, this being September it seems only appropriate to include blooms that have gone over to the other side. I think I like this stage of the Lysimachia Paridiformis F. Stenophylla flowers even better than when they are bright yellow. Umbrella Palm, or Cyperus involucratus Gunnera bloom, or what once the Gunnera bloom... The true blue Hydrangea…(there will be no Madonna jokes here) Sea Oats, or Chasmanthium latifolium Unknown Canna, love it's graceful bloom. The everlasting Abutilon… …and Kangaroo Paw. Hesperaloe The more typical floppy Canna flower. Eucomis 'oakhurst' Kniphofia caulescens And finally, a surprise bloom from my Grevillea juniperina ‘Molonglo’…a couple of months after the rest of the plant stopped blooming. Want more September blooms? Visit May Dreams Gardens for links to blogs around the world, it's a great way to see the different gardener's styles!


  1. Aw, c'mon. Just one Madonna joke? For me?

  2. I'm so excited to see that your Hedychium 'Tara' is blooming! I planted Hedychium gardnerianum bulbs that never emerged from the ground! Did you start with a one-gallon?

  3. Absolutely beautiful! My hedychium is blooming as well.

    Your first unknown sempervivum looks like Sempervivum arachnoideum.

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  4. I'm so in love with how your plants look with the new house color...I'm INSANELY jealous ;-) Cardoon blooms are just about the most beautiful flowers ever...the mix of blue and purple...stunning! I have been so wanting to try Salvia clevandii (especially with that amazing fragrance) but have no idea how I'd keep it dry enough during the to enjoy in other's gardens, I guess.

  5. That has got to be the best bloom day ever. The hedychium is my absolute face of the set!

  6. That's a lot of blooms in your gardens and perfect colors forthe beginning of fall.

  7. Amazing blooms! The ginger bloom is fascinating. happy GBBD!

  8. I love the name of your blog. I just had to visit! So many things I've never tried to grow (and won't, or can't outdoors in my zone 5 garden.) I enjoyed your ginger blossoms especially.

  9. Hm, I like the look of Tara ginger with the Japanese forest grass. That's a winning look! And glad your little Salvia clevlandii is flowering. Mine's pouting.

  10. Yummy collection...and from one who claims to not care that much for flowers!

  11. Someday you will rock on cactus and agave blooms!

    Until then, what an amazing collection of flower pics. I like how plants like Autumn Joy Sedum are further along in cooler places, but are here just coming along.

    Madonna - "eew".

  12. I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing those beautiful blooms.

  13. Mr

    Lauren, yes I did...bought in bloom from Rare Plant Research last spring. They were starting to push out of the ground this spring when the house was being painted. I kept having to create taller and taller protective sides around them so they wouldn't get stepped on.

    Gerhard, yes! Thank you.

    Scott, we'll see how my Salvia does this winter. Either it will be the push you needed to try it or the proof you needed to "just say no"

    Darla, shhh...we aren't using that "f" word around here yet.

    RFG, thank you!

    Sage B, same to you!

    bookworm, thank you for stopping by! I know the heartache of a zone 5 garden as I used to live with one.

    Kate, pouting in the ground or in a container?

    ricki, I know...isn't it odd?

    DD, can you imagine!? Oh what a heaven that would be.

    FGI, you're welcome.

  14. I did not realize that Sempervivum produced such pretty blooms. And that Abutilon is prolific. Happy GBBD!


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