Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Elisabeth C Miller Library at the UW Botanical Gardens

I know, I hinted on Friday the historic Dunn Gardens were next on the GB Fling, and they were next on our itinerary, but I’m skipping ahead. Mainly because I haven’t gotten around to sorting through all the photos I took there, but partially because I want to share an "aHa moment" I had later in the day. That moment took place when we walked into the Elisabeth C Miller Library and I realized what a treasure had been right under my nose (I lived in Seattle for years and we visit often)... Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures inside the library; I think because I was feeling a little like it was an art museum and photos wouldn’t be allowed (these pictures are of the charming courtyard outside the library). But really, you all know what books setting on a shelf look like! What makes this library amazing is that they are all horticulture books, shelves after shelves of them! A quick glance around the library turned up a couple of titles I had been lusting after but never actually seen (ok I guess I did take a couple of pictures in the library after all, this is the lazy persons way of reminding yourself to put a title on your Amazon wishlist). After thumbing through them at the library I want them even more now! Why I’d never visited this library before is a mystery, and a mistake. The next time we’re in Seattle and the husband wants to hit an art museum or bookstore I am coming here! Heaven. They also have an online “plant answer line” where they answer your plant and gardening questions…how cool is that? After I tore myself away from the books it was time to check out the gardens. Naturally I wanted to go wander through the greenhouses! (not possible). I’m hoping someone can identify this lovely plant in the next two images? I hope to return to the Miller Library soon, maybe on a rainy winter’s afternoon. If you find yourself in Seattle check it out!


  1. Thanks for the tour. Looks like a great place to visit.

  2. I'm so enjoying the fling blogging. That shrub might be an itea.

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog during a google search of the Giant Lobelia plant. I am also a lover of dangerous plants - more specificially, carnivorous ones! Have you seen this page on National Geographic? Check it out: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/03/carnivorous-plants/schmitz-photography

    It has incredible images of many pitcher plants and sundews. Thought you might enjoy! :)

  4. Loree, Maybe you can send that picture to Riz Reyes on FB and he can identify it for you. I had a feeling you would like that courtyard garden.

  5. I MUST look this up next time I'm up in Seattle. Love the Dierama...you really don't see them used that often...and of course, love the Rodgersia!

  6. I took several pictures inside the library. How wonderful it would have been to spend a day in there looking through all those books!

  7. Hi there,
    that plant is called Datisca cannibina I believe...or False Hemp. They sell them at DIG Nursery on Vashon and if you check out www.hayefield.com she has some great pics of it.

  8. Since I missed it the day ya'll went, I made it there this past Saturday...it was closed but I did look in the windows like a sad child looking at the candy store "closed" sign.........

  9. Rohrerbot, most definitely!

    Denise, was attending the Fling ever a consideration for you? You would have had a blast!

    Emily, wow! I had not seen those photos and they are amazing! Thank you for the link.

    Alison, I was so bummed that I missed the beginning of the tour with Riz...I was inside with the books! Good idea on asking him for id.

    Scott, you will be in heaven! Is Norm a shopper? Park him at the nearby U-Village and book browse to your hearts content!

    Carol, wouldn't it have been!? I feel lucky to know I can go back.

    Shelley, yes! That looks right, thank you! DIG is another place I hope to visit someday.

    compost, well that paints a might sad picture...

  10. Looks like Annie's Annuals also sells Datisca cannibina!


  11. Now I feel like Queen Dodo for not having read this sooner. That Datisca cannibina is a plant I should have been looking for at DIG. Now I will have to look for this plant at Annie's in a few weeks. If I learned anything at the FLING it's that you can pack plants for the plane ride home. That will be fun!


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